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To Add or Not to Add – 2 Peter 1:8-9

To Add or not to Add 6 January 2019 PM – 2 Peter 1:8-9 – Add to Faith – Scott Childs Introduction: Have you noticed that people tend to neglect things in life that do not show instant benefit. They neglect eating healthy foods. They neglect drinking only healthy substances. They neglect changing the oil […]

Add Love – 2 Peter 1:7

Add Love 30 December 2018 PM – 2 Peter 1:7 – Add to Faith – Scott Childs Introduction: The world often defines love as a feeling. They think it is something that makes them feel special. When the romantic, heart-fluttering feeling leaves a marriage people say, “I just do not love my spouse anymore.” They […]

Marvelous Grace! – 2 Corinthians 8:9

Marvellous Grace! 23 December 2018 PM – 2 Corinthians 8:9 – Christmas – Scott Childs Introduction: The birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago is an account of God’s grace or divine help for the human race. Jesus did not leave heaven and became a man for His benefit, but to help […]

Add Godliness – 2 Peter 1:6

Add Godliness 16 December 2018 PM – 2 Peter 1:6 – Add to Faith – Scott Childs Introduction: The sun is a huge mass of burning fuel with tremendous heat. Though it is 150 million km away, yet we clearly see its light and feel its warmth. The moon is a non-burning rock. It produces […]

Add Patience – 2 Peter 1:6

Add Patience 9 December 2018 PM – 2 Peter 1:6 – Add to Faith – Scott Childs Introduction: Genesis 39 records the events of Joseph’s life while he was a slave in Egypt. Potiphar’s wife tried her best to lead him into sin. Like the strange woman described in Proverbs 7, she likely wore the […]

Add Temperance – 2 Peter 1:6

Add Temperance 2 December 2018 PM – 2 Peter 1:6 – Add to Faith – Scott Childs Introduction: Many Christians struggle with over-eating, filthy thoughts, addictions, pornography, evil habits, an unkind tongue, anger, lustful desires, manipulating others, selfishness, worldly dress, alcohol, and countless other sinful desires. It is clear that temperance is lacking in many […]

Add Knowledge – 2 Peter 1:5

Add Knowledge 25 November 2018 PM – 2Peter 1:5 – Add to faith – Scott Childs Introduction: In Hosea 4:6 God said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” He could say the same today. Many Christians know Bible information but have very little knowledge of the character, heartbeat and will of God. That […]