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Christmas Story (pt 10) Nazareth – Matthew 2:19-23

Christmas Story (pt 10) Nazareth 28 December 2016 Wed – Matthew 2:19-23 – Christmas16 – Scott Childs Introduction: Before the New Testament was completed, God’s people lacked direction for their daily lives. For that reason, God sometimes gave them direction through dreams and angels. Now that we have the complete Bible, God uses it to […]

Christmas Story (pt 8) Wise Men – Matthew 2:1-12


Christmas Story (pt 8) – Wise Men 21 December 2016 Wed – Matthew 2:1-12 – Christmas16 – Scott Childs Introduction: Did the wise men travel by camel? Were they kings? What was their home country? How many of them came? Did the star they followed move? How did they know about the Messiah? We do […]