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A Vital Question – Acts 16:30-31

Vital Question 4 November 2018 – Acts 16:30-31 – Salvation – Scott Childs Introduction: On Paul’s second missionary trip, he walked across Asia (modern Turkey) visiting the churches he had started on his first trip. When he reached Troas, the Holy Spirit urged him to go into Macedonia to preach the Gospel. At Philippi, Lydia […]

Calvary – Mark 15:21-41

Calvary 3 June 2018 AM – Mark 15:21-41 – Mr17 – Scott Childs Introduction: The hymn writer William Newell penned these words, “Years I spent in vanity and pride, Caring not my Lord was crucified, Knowing not it was for me He died On Calvary. Oh, the love that drew salvation’s plan! Oh, the grace […]

Eternally Secure – John 10:28

Eternally Secure 22 April 2018 AM – John 10:28 – Scott Childs Introduction: Can a true Christian ever lose his salvation? Are true Christians eternally secure? Can we KNOW we are saved right now? Years ago, I spoke with a man who strongly believed a true Christian could lose his salvation. He told of a […]

A New Way of Life – Mark 2:18-22

A New Way of Life 25 June 2017 AM – Mark 2:18-22 – Mr17 – Scott Childs Introduction: Jesus and His disciples had just been at Levi’s evangelistic dinner. Evidently John’s disciples and the Pharisees had been fasting while Jesus and His disciples were enjoying their meal. This raised questions in John’s disciples and anger […]

Cleansing a Leper – Mark 1:40-45

Cleansing a Leper 28 May 2017 AM – Mark 1:40-45 – Mr17 – Scott Childs Introduction: (Read text) Leprosy was a terrible disease in Bible days. Albert Barnes states, “No disease with which the human family has been afflicted has been more dreadful than that which is often mentioned in the Bible ‘as the leprosy.’ […]

Facts We Must Know – Mark 1:1-13

Facts We Must Know 9 April 2017 AM – Mark 1:1-13 – Mr17 – Scott Childs Introduction: This morning we are going to begin a study of the book of Mark. This book was written by John Mark, the young Christian who accompanied Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary trip but quit as things […]