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A Broken Spirit – Proverbs 17:22

A Broken Spirit 2 December 2018 AM – Proverbs 17:22 – Our Spirit – Scott Childs Introduction: So far in this series on Our Spirit, we have learned that our spirit is our disposition. That is part of our emotions. We have studied the angry spirit, the haughty spirit and the humble spirit. This morning, […]

Principles from Esther – Esther 1-10

Principles from Esther 12 November 2017 PM – Esther 1-10 – EzNe17 – Scott Childs Introduction: The story of Esther took place in the heathen land of Persia. Everything in the story of Esther is true, but it is not all good. Divorce is wrong. Polygamy is wrong. Murder is wrong. The Jews killed their […]

Storms in Life – Mark 4:35-41

Storms in Life 6 August 2017 AM – Mark 4:35-41 – Mr17 – Scott Childs Introduction: (Read text). This is an exciting story but it was a terrifying event for Jesus’ disciples as they battled that life-threatening storm. We are likely to face severe, terrifying storms in life as well. Transition: As we work our […]

Hardships and Happiness

Hardships and Happiness 29 January 2017 AM – James 5:13 – Scott Childs Introduction: Someone once said, “All sunshine makes a desert.” The same principle applies to life. We cannot expect to have only happiness and no hardships in life. Life is full of both. If you are a Christian, God has a special way […]

Enduring Afflictions – James 5:7-11

Enduring Afflictions 15 January 2017 AM – James 5:7-11 – Jas16 – Scott Childs Introduction: It has been a while since we were in the book of James. In our last sermon we studied The Dangers of Riches (Jas 5:1-6). We saw The Calamity of Riches (riches do not bring happiness); The Corrosion of Riches […]