Psalm 23:2-3

Psalm 23:2-3 12 August 2018 PM – Psalm 23:2-3 – Ps23 – Scott Childs Introduction: David’s many hours as a shepherd in his youth enabled him to portray a vivid picture of the Lord’s care for us. Transition: This evening let us take a walk with David on the paths of the paddock and listen […]

Psalm 23:1

Psalm 23:1 5 August 2018 PM – Psalm 23:1 – Ps23 – Scott Childs Introduction: Multitudes love the 23rd Psalm, yet many have never taken a close look at what its details. Transition: Tonight, I want us to begin a brief study through this Psalm to gain a better knowledge of what it actually teaches […]

Descriptions of Apostates – Jude 1:12-15

Descriptions of Apostates 29 July 2018 AM – Jude 1:12-15 – Jude18 – Scott Childs Introduction: God had Jude write his book to inform Christians in the first century about apostates or false teachers who were sneaking into churches and leading ignorant Christians astray. We remember that Jude’s theme is contending for the faith. Transition: […]

Contending against Apostasy – Jude 1:3-4

Contending against Apostasy 15 July 2018 AM – Jude 1:3-4 – Jude18 – Scott Childs Introduction: The word “contend” means to compete against. In the first century, it described the fight an athlete had against his opponent. He struggled with great zeal, straining every muscle. The Greek word used here has an intensive prefix. Thus, […]