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Music in the Bible

by Scott Childs

Fifth – The Bible speaks of music in one form or another hundreds of times. This evening we are going to focus our attention on godly music in the Bible. I want us to identify its characteristics, identify its purpose, and identify a biblical response to the subject of music.

What’s Wrong with CCM?

by Scott Childs

Fourth – In this article, after defining CCM, I want us to examine three reasons all CCM is wrong for Christian listening.

Rock Music and the Christian

by Scott Childs

Third – In this article we are going to look at rock music to gain a better understanding about why it is ungodly music. If we can see this, it will help us to see why it is wrong to copy its style in Christian music.

Characteristics of Music

by Scott Childs

Second – Now I want us to learn the characteristics of the sound of music, the lyrics of music, and the delivery of music. Then I want us to learn how to sift them through God’s Bible grid.

Prerequisites to Choosing Godly Music

by Scott Childs

First – In this article we will look at several prerequisites that must be taken into consideration before a person can find the mind of God on the subject of Christian music.