Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

This study is not primarily on modesty, though modesty does have a significant bearing on the subject. This study is designed to help both men and women see that God wants there to be a clear distinction between the genders.

  1. Distinction Began At Creation

1a) Ge 1:27

1b) Mt 19:4

1c) Mr 10:6

  1. Distinction In Occupations

2a) Ge 3:16

2b) Ge 3:17-19

  1. Distinction In Hair

3a) 1Co 11:14

3b) 1Co 11:15

  1. Distinction In Marriage Roles

4a) 1Co 11:3

4b) Ge 2:18 “Help meet” means “helper just right to complete”

4c) Eph 5:22

4d) Eph 5:24

4e) Eph 5:33

4f) Eph 5:23

4g) Eph 5:25-33

  1. Distinction In Appearance

5a) All clothing must be modest. Compare Ge 3:7 with Ge 3:21 What differences do you find?

5b) Ex 28:42 What was worn only mentioned on men?

5c) De 22:5 (comment on the distinction aspect)

5c1) What does “abomination” mean?

5c2) What does this tell us about God’s view of the unisex movement?

5c3) Though in Bible days both men and women wore robe-like garments, what does De 22:5 tell us about those garments?

  1. Are trousers on women more shape-revealing and sensual than a modest dress or skirt?
  2. What universal symbols are on toilet doors world-wide to distinguish genders?
  3. Historically, until the early 1920’s, trousers have been worn primarily by men. Are women who wear trousers treated differently by men than those who dress in modest dresses or skirts?
  4. If men ought to dress masculine and women ought to dress feminine how can Christian ladies deal with the following problems?

9a) Feeling cold? Wear shorts under the dress, long skirts, flannel slips (petticoats), high boots, long socks, long coats, etc.

9b) Modesty in sports? Pleated culottes, dark blouse and coulouts for swimming, Some sports cannot be “competitively” played modestly and should be avoided.

9c) Comfort in leisure? Comfort will come once a lady get used to dressing modestly. Wear light-weight cotton dresses.

Conclusion: Distinction of the genders goes STRONGLY against the grain of society. The unisex movement destroys the creation distinction, hair distinction is rejected, role distinction is hated, and dress distinction is blurred. If we are going to maintain God’s designed distinction in these areas, we will be considered “strange” and often “mocked” even by Christians who have adopeted the world’s unisex and feminist philosophy. For more information read Clothing the Universal Language by William Nicholson, and Your Clothes Say It For You by Elizabeth Rice Hanford