Tithing and giving to God is something that began way back in the Old Testament. Look up the Hebrew word tithe in a lexicon or the English word in a Bible dictionary and define it.

Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

1. To whom did Jacob promise a tithe? Ge 28:22

2. To whom did the tithes belong Le 27:30

3. Who were the Old Testament tithes to support?

3a) De 26:12

3b) De 16:17

4. What was to be tithed on? 2Ch 31:5

5. The Levites were to live on the tithe, but what were they also to do?

5a) Ne 10:38

5b) Ne 12:44

6. What principles do we learn from Pr 3:9-10 about:

6a) Honour:

6b) Firstfruits:

6c) Increase:

6d) Barns be filled:

7. When a person does not tithe, then what?

7a) Mal 3:8

7b) Mal 3:10

8. What does the New Testament tell us about tithing? Mt 23:23

Note: An OFFERING on the other hand is something given to God beyond the 10% tithe. You cannot give an offering until you have given your tithe.

9. List the various types of giving mentioned in the following verses:

9a) De 12:6

9b) Ne 10:37

9c) Mal 3:8

10. What do we learn from the New Testament about giving?

10a) Mt 6:1-4

10b) Mr 12:42-44

10c) Lu 6:38

10d) Ro 12:8

10e) 1Co 16:2

10f) 2Co 9:6,7

10g) 1Ti 5:17-18

Conclusion: Giving of tithes and offerings to the Lord was not only a commandment but it had a practical purpose both under the Law and now during the Church age. Thinking back over what you have just studied, what was that purpose?