Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

1. Read the “Golden Rule” and put it in common words Mt 7:12.

2. Our flesh often wants to get even when we have been mistreated, but what does God tell us to do instead?

2a) Pr 24:17-18

2b) Pr 24:29

2c) Mt 5:44

3. Note that God said we are to Bless—Do good—Pray. This BDP principle is found throughout the Bible. How is this principle described in the verses that follow?

3a) Ex 23:4

3b) Ex 23:5

3c) Pr 20:22

3d) Pr 25:21

3e) Mt 5:39

3f) Mt 5:43-44

3g) Mt 7:12

3h) Mr 12:31

3i) Lu 6:34,35

3j) Ro 12:14

3k) Ro 12:17

3l) Ro 12:18

3m) Ro 12:19

3n) Ro 12:21

3o) Ro 13:10

3p) 1Th 5:15

3q) 1Pe 3:9

4. How did the following people respond to evil?

4a) Jesus Lu 23:34

4b) Steven Ac 7:60

4c) Paul 1Co 4:12,13

4d) Jesus 1Pe 2:23

5. What will happen to those who respond wrongly? Jas 2:13

6. If you find it difficult not to respond wrongly, what should you concentrate on doing? Lu 6:27-28