1. How many original Bible manuscripts exist today?
  2. Approximately how many manuscript copies of the New Testament have been found? 1,200, 5,500, 9,600
  3. About 90% of the existing New Testament manuscripts represent which manuscript family? Byzantine or Alexandrian
  4. Most modern translations are based on which manuscript family? Byzantine or Alexandrian
  5. The Textus Receptus (TR) is the Greek text representing the Byzantine text.  T/F
  6. The KJV we use today is the original 1611, the 1625 revision, or the 1769 revision?
  7. Most modern scholars favour the Alexandrian text for what reason?
  8. The two old manuscripts, Aleph and B, agree closely with each other.  T/F
  9. The KJV is based on the oldest manuscripts.  T/F


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None5,500ByzantineAlexandrianTrue1769 editionBecause of its two very old manuscriptsFalse, the differ extensivelyFalse. It is based on the 90% majority of manuscripts which agree with each other significantly, some of which are very old.

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