Dictionary of Archaic and Unfamiliar Words in the KJV

compiled by Scott Childs

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Abase – to be humble or to make humble

Abated – to lessen or go down

Abba – Aramaic word for father

Abhor – to hate or despise, reject as loathsome

Abjects ‑ worthless, despicable, low in estimation, without hope or regard.

Abode -to dwell, remain, sit, abide

Abomination (abominable) – a disgusting thing

Abroad ‑ scatter, disperse; outside, beyond the limits of a camp

Acceptation -reception, admission, a receiving with favour

Acquaintance – to know well, to be acquainted with

Acquit – to set free; to release or discharge from an obligation

Adamant ‑ a very hard or impenetrable stone

Adjure – to charge, bind or command on oath

Admiration ‑ wonder mingled with pleasing emotions, as approbation, esteem, love or veneration

Admire ‑ to wonder, wonder at, marvel

Admonish – to warn or notify of a fault; to reprove with mildness.

Ado – to make a noise or uproar, be turbulent

Adorn – (adorned) decorated, trimmed, garnished

Adventure ‑ attempt (De 28:56), throw down (Jud 9:17), to give (Ac 19:31)

Adversary ‑ enemy, foe, one who withstands, opponent in law‑suit

Advertise ‑ tell, reveal, inform, give counsel

Advisement ‑ advice, advisement, counsel

Advocate -one who pleads another’s cause with one

Affect ‑ to act severely, to oppress, afflict, harm

Affinity ‑ make oneself a daughter’s husband

Afflictions – a state of pain, distress, or grief

Affording – yielding; producing, furnishing

Afforetime – before

Affright – suddenly alarmed with fear; terrified

Affrighted ‑ frightened

Afoot -on foot (as opposed to riding)

Afore – in front of, before

Afresh – anew; again; recently; after intermission, Greek: to re-crucify (Heb 6:6)

Agar – another spelling of Hagar

Agone ‑ ago; past; since.

Ague – the cold fit which precedes a fever, a fever.

Alabaster – the oriental alabaster, translucent, with red, yellow, and gray streaks . . . wrought into boxes or vessels, to keep precious ointments from spoiling. Fausset’s Bible Dictionary

Alamoth – properly, girls, i.e. the soprano or female voice

Albeit – be it so; admit all that; although; notwithstanding.

Algum ‑ in scripture, a tree or wood about which the learned are not agreed. Possibly an almug or sandalwood tree.

All to ‑ completely

Alleging ‑ (Ac 17:3) bringing evidence

Alleluia ‑ praise the Jehovah

Allow ‑ to approve together (Lu 11:48), look for (Ac 24:15), to know or understand (Ro 7:15)

Allowance – ration, meal

Alloweth (allowed) – to approve, that which passes the test

Alms – any thing given gratuitously to relieve the poor, as money, food, or clothing, otherwise called charity

Almug ‑ a type of wood, possibly sandalwood

Aloes – aloes wood, a fragrant tree

Aloof -at a distance, but within view, or at a small distance

Amazed ‑ disturbed or terrified (Ex 15:15, Jud 20:41), dismayed (Job 32:15), to appal, show horror (Eze 32:10), shocked, astonished, fearful (NT use)

Amazement ‑ astonished, bewildered (Ac 3:10), to be afraid of with terror (1Pe 3:6)

Ambassage ‑ ambassadors, an embassy

Ambushment – the state of lying concealed, for the purpose of attacking by surprise

Amen – to confirm, verify, so be it

Amerce ‑ fine, impose a penalty

Amiable ‑ lovely, beloved

Amiss – wrong; faulty; out of order; improper

Anathema ‑ under a curse

Ancients ‑ former, old, elders

Angel – messenger

Angle – fish hook

Anoint – to rub or pour on like oil

Anon ‑ immediately

Antichrist – an opponent of the Messiah (Strong’s)

Apace – to walk, to flee

Apostle – messenger, one sent forth with orders

Apothecary ‑ one who mixes or compounds spices

Apparel – clothing; garments; dress.

Apparently ‑ visibly

Appertain – to belong to or pertain to

Apple of the eye ‑ pupil of the eye

Apprehend ‑ lay hold of

Archangel – chief of the angels

Arcturus – a constellation

Ark – a small close vessel, chest or coffer; the large floating vessel

Armholes – joint of the arm, armpit

Arrayed – to throw around, to clothe, to put on

Art – are, second person singular present tense of “am”

Artificer – an artist; a mechanic or manufacturer; one whose occupation requires skill or knowledge of a particular kind

Artillery ‑ weapon, equipment

Asp -a snake, venomous serpent

Assay ‑ (assayed) to test, try, prove, temp

Assent – mouth, speech

Asswage ‑ to withhold, restrain, hold back, keep in check, refrain

Astonied ‑ stunned, astonished, confused, startled

Asunder – to break in pieces, to divide

Atonement – satisfaction made by giving an equivalent for an injury, or by doing or suffering that which is received in satisfaction for an offense or injury. In theology, the satisfactory payment for sin made by the obedience and personal sufferings of Christ.

Attent ‑ attentive; heedful; observant; mindful; regardful

Austere – harsh, rough, rigid, severe

Averse – returning, returned

Avoided ‑ to turn oneself, close round, turn round

Avouched ‑ to appeal to

Away with ‑ (Isa 1:13) endure, tolerate; (NT use) take away

Axletrees ‑ axle, bars connecting wheels

Babe – unborn child, new-born, infant, boy, lad, youth

Backbiters – evil speakers

Backbiteth – to slander

Backslider – one who turns away or turns back

Backsliding – to turn away, apostasy

Bade – to speak, to command, to invite, to bid

Bakemeats – baked foods

Baken ‑ baked

Balm – salve, as medicine

Bands – group or camp (Ge 32:7); pole (Le 26:13); bond, prison (Judg 15:14); troop (2Sa 4:2); cord, rope (Psa 119:61) [check the context for right definition].

Bank, a – a mount or military offense

Bank – brink, brim, side, edge, border;

Banqueting – wine

Baptize – to immerse, plunge under

Barbarian ‑ one who speaks a foreign or strange language which is not understood by another

Barbarous ‑ same as barbarian above

Base ‑ (when not referring to the foundation of something) lowly, humble

Bath ‑ about 8 gallons or 36 litres

Battlement – a low wall at the edge of a balcony

Bay – (colour) red brown

Became us – to be becoming, fit

Bedchamber – an inner room of a house, could be a bedroom

Bedstead – a bed

Beeves – cattle, herd, oxen, cows, bulls

Begat – to give birth to, to gender

Beggarly ‑ lowly, poor, that of a beggar

Begotten, only – only one of its kind

Begotten – to give birth to, to gender

Beguile – to cheat or deceive

Beheaded – to break the neck (Deu 21:6); to cut off the head

Beheld – to turn one’s eyes on, look at

Behemoth ‑ likely an extinct dinosaur

Behoved – to be necessary

Bekah ‑ half‑shekel, equal to 5 pennyweight

Belied – disappoint, deceive, deny

Bemoan – to shake, to show grief

Bereave – to make childless; (Ecc 4:8) to cause to lack

Beryl – a precious stone of a pale green colour

Beseech – to beg, to ask, to call

Besets, easily – (He 12:1) to encircle, surround, easily ensnare, easily entangle

Besom ‑ broom

Besought – to seek favour; to entreat, or beg; to seek

Bestead ‑ to be ill‑treated, to be hard pressed

Bestow – to give

Bethink – to cause to return, bring back, to turn back to (God)

Betimes ‑ to rise or start early

Betroth – espouse, engage

Betwixt – between

Bewail, (ed), (eth) – to weep, to cry, to beat the breast in grief, mourn, breathe hard, puff

Bewitched – to amaze, to astonish,

Bewray – to uncover

Bewrayeth ‑ to call out (Pr 27:16), to tell or declare (Pr 29:24), to make clear or evident (Mt 26:73)

Bier – a carriage or frame of wood for conveying dead human bodies to the grave. (Webster)

Billows – heap, spring, wave

Bishop ‑ overseer

Bishoprick ‑ the work of an overseer

Bit – past tense of bite or part of a bridle for animals

Blains – blisters, boils

Blasphemy – to speak reproachfully, rail at, revile, slander

Bless (blessed) – to praise, to be happy

Bloody – blood, pertaining to blood, causing bloodshed

Blot – (verb) to wipe or wipe out; (noun) blemish, spot, defect

Boisterous – strong, mighty

Bolled ‑ budded, flowering, forming seeds

Bolster – placed at the head, pillow

Booty – valuables taken from an enemy in war; plunder

Bosom – the front of the body between the arms; dish or bowl (Pr 19:24, 26:15)

Bosses – convex surface, back, rounded protection of a shield

Botch ‑ ulcer or boil, inflamed spot

Bottom ‑ depth, the deep, valley, ravine, basin

Bound, the – border, territory

Bowels – inward parts, heart, seat of emotion, tender mercies

Bramble – a thorn or thorny bush

Bravery – (only in Isa 3:18) beauty, splendour, glory, honour

Brawler – a fighter

Bray ‑ cry of a donkey (Job 6:5), to pound in a mortar (Pr 27:22)

Brayed – cry out

Breach – gap, break, fracture, leak, split; division in the land, a port

Breastplate – that piece of ancient armour that protected the breast. An ornament covering the breast of the high priest,

Breeches – underwear, drawers, trousers, a priestly undergarment of linen

Bridechamber ‑ the room containing the bridal bed, or the room in which the marriage ceremonies are held

Brigandine ‑ armour

Brimstone – sulphur; a hard, brittle, inflammable substance, of a lemon yellow colour

Broided ‑ that which is woven, plaited, or twisted together

Broidered ‑ woven or checkered (Ex 28:4), embroidered (all other references)

Brood – nest of chicks

Bruit ‑ rumour, report, news

Brutish – stupid

Buckler – a kind of shield, or piece of defensive armour, anciently used in war.

Buffet – to strike with the fist, give one a blow with the fist

Bullock – young bull, steer; an ox or bull used for plowing, for food, or for sacrifice

Bulrush – a plant growing in marshy ground or by watercourses, and used for chair‑bottoms, baskets, mats, ropes, etc.

Bulwarks – siege‑enclosure, siege, entrenchment, fortress; (2Ch 26:15) corner

Bunches ‑ cluster; humps (Isa 30:6)

Bushel – a basket for carrying or measuring grain

Butler ‑ cup‑bearer, one who gives drink

Butlership ‑ the work of a butler

Buttocks – the seat of the body

By and by – right away, immediately

Byways – winding, devious, crooked

Byword – a word of speech, can be a sharp or cutting word, a proverb

Cab ‑ a dry measure, about 1.5 litres

Cabins – a vault or cell, a prison

Caldron – (Isa 9:14 only) a plant growing in marshy ground or by watercourses, and used for chair‑bottoms, baskets, mats, ropes, etc.

Calkers – one who reinforces or plugs seams, leaks, cracks

Camphire ‑ a shrub whose flowers grow in bunches having a very sweet smell. A powder made of the leaves and flowers is mixed with water and used by the women to colour the nails of their hands and feet. (Concise Bible Dictionary)

Candle – lamp more accurately represents the original than candle. (Fausset’s Bible dictionary)

Candlestick – a lamp-stand

Canker ‑ an ulcer, gangrene

Cankered ‑ to be covered with rust

Cankerworm ‑ young locust (early stage of development), caterpillar

Carbuncle – a gem, precious stone, emerald (Josephus)

Carefulness ‑ anxiety, anxious care, care

Careless ‑ in security, in safety; (careless women, careless ones) bold

Carnal – fleshly, governed by human nature not by the Spirit of God.

Carriage ‑ riches, wealth (Judg 18:21); article, vessel, implement, utensil, baggage, goods, burdens. Translations in the KJV of this Hebrew word include: armour, artillery, bag, furnish, furniture, instrument, jewel, pot, psaltery, sack, stuff, thing, tool, vessel, ware, weapon.

Casement – window‑lattice

Cast about ‑ turn round or about or back (OT); to throw around upon (NT)

Cast clouts – rags

Castaway ‑ not standing the test, not approved, unfit for, unproved

Caul ‑ the lobe or flap of the liver; (Ho 13:8) enclosure, encasement, fine gold

Cauls ‑ front band, a netting for the hair

Causeway ‑ highway, raised road

Censer – fire‑holder, fire pan,

Centurion – the captain of one hundred men, an officer in the roman army

Chalkstones ‑ chalk, lime

Chambering ‑ cohabitation, whether lawful or unlawful

Chamberlain ‑ official, eunuch (OT); officer who is over the bed chamber (Ac 12:20); manager of household affairs (Ro 16:23)

Chamois – the Hebrew word is zemer, is held to signify >leaper. (Concise Bible Dictionary), mountain sheep, mountain goat, moufflon, gazelle,

Champaign ‑ desert plain, steppe, desert, wilderness

Chancellor ‑ owner, lord

Changeable suits of apparel ‑ (change of raiment) festive dress, holy day clothes, robe of state

Channel – a flowing stream

Chapiter ‑ the upper part or capital of a column or pillar

Chapmen ‑ a man, merchantmen, a seller, a market-man.

Chapt ‑ shattered or broken

Charger ‑ dish, platter,

Charity ‑ love, agape love

Chaste – pure

Chasten – correct, discipline; (Dan 10:12) to humble, to put down

Check ‑ correction, chastening

Chesnut tree ‑ plane tree, a chestnut tree

Chide – strive, contend, quarrel

Children of the bridechamber ‑ friends of the bridegroom whose duty it was to provide and care for whatever pertained to the bridal chamber. “These were friends or companions of the bridegroom and were usually very numerous.” (International standard Bible encyclopaedia)

Chimney ‑ lattice opening where smoke escapes

Chode ‑ strive, contend, quarrel

Choler ‑ to be bitter, to be enraged

Chrysoprasus – a stone of green colour,

Churl ‑ a tricky, deceitful fellow; a dishonest person; a rogue; a villain.

Churlish ‑ hard, cruel, severe, obstinate

Cieled ‑ to cover, overlay

Circumcise (ed, circumcision) – to cut off the foreskin of a male’s genital organ

Cistern – well, pit to collect water

Clamour – a crying, outcry

Clave ‑ to cleave, cut to pieces (Ge 22:3, Jud 15:19, 1Sa 6:14, Ps 78:15, Isa 48:21); to cling, stick, stay close, cleave, keep close, glue together (all other references)

Cleanness of teeth – famine

Cleave (th) – (only Le 1:17, Ps 74:15, Hab 3:9, Zec 14:4) to split, to divide

Cleave (th) – to cling, stick, stay close, (Ac 11:23) to remain with, to continue with; (all other NT use) to glue to, cement together

Cleft ‑ hole, crevice

Clift ‑ hole, crevice

Cloke – a garment worn over a tunic by men of rank

Closet ‑ chamber, room, storage room, inner room, secret room

Clouted ‑ to patch, spot, be spotted, be coloured

Clouts ‑ rags

Cloven – split

Coast – beside the sea (NT usage)

Coasts ‑ border, territory, region, end, extremity (several Hebrew words, but this is the common meaning); seashore, coast, shore (Josh 9:1)

Coat of mail – breastplate of scales, body armour

Cock – rooster, male chicken

Cockatrice – poisonous snake

Cockle ‑ weeds

Coffer ‑ box, chest

Cogitations – thoughts

Collops ‑ a slice of fat

Comeliness ‑ ornament, splendour, honour, charm

Cometh – comes, is coming

Commotion – instability, disturbance, confusion, tumult

Communicate – to share, to fellowship, to give

Companied ‑ to come together, to accompany one

Compass ‑ circumference, (under the compass) edge, rim

Compass ‑ go round, turn round, walk around, (doth compass) surround; (fetch a compass) to go around something

Conceit ‑ imagination, view

Concision ‑ to cut up, mutilation. Barnes notes says, “referring, doubtless, also to the Jewish teachers”.

Concluded ‑ determine, to shut up together, enclose

Concord – agreement

Concourse – (OT) a place of noise; (NT) a conspiracy, a riot

Concubine – in old testament times, a female slave who functioned as a secondary wife and surrogate mother (baker’s evangelical dictionary of the Bible)

Concupiscence – desire, craving, longing, desire for what is forbidden, lust

Condescend – to yield to, submit to

Coney ‑ an animal similar to a rabbit that lives in the caves and clefts of the rocks.

Confection – spice-mixture, perfume, ointment

Confectionaries ‑ those who make confection

Conferred – to speak, to discuss, to consult

Confidences – those in whom you trust, trusted allies

Confound – to mix up, to scatter; (NT) to dishonour, disgrace, to put to shame

Confounded – to be put to shame; to disturb

Consecration (consecrate) – to set apart, to install to an office or position

Consort – to associate with

Constrain (ed, eth) – to prevail upon, to persuade, to press, to compel

Contemn ‑ to spurn or despise

Contempt – to despise; to fill with horror or disgust; (Isa 23:9) to treat with dishonour

Contemptible – to make of no account, despise utterly

Contentious – fond of strife

Contrite – crushed; (Isa 66:2) smitten

Convenient ‑ right, fit, just right; (Pr 30:8) prescribed, allotted

Conversant ‑ to walk about

Conversation ‑ way of life, manner of life, conduct, behaviour

Convince ‑ to convict, to prove to be in the wrong

Convocation ‑ an assembly called together

Cor – a measure holding about 250 L

Coriander ‑ an annual plant with seeds, which are in the form of a little ball of the size of a peppercorn. (Easton’s Revised Bible Dictionary)

Corn – grain (wheat, barley), in the Bible it does not refer to maize

Cornet – a ram’s horn, or an instrument that was of a winding shape like a horn

Cotes – a stall, a sheepfold

Couch – a bed

Couching ‑ to stretch oneself out, lie down

Coulter ‑ a ploughshare. “The fore iron of a plow, with a sharp edge, that cuts the earth or sod.” (Webster)

Countenance – face, appearance

Countervail ‑ to be like, equivalent, resemble, to agree with

Course, by – by lot, by division; (Ezr 3:11) in answer, when instructed

Cousin ‑ a relative by blood

Covert ‑ covered structure, shelter; (Job 40:21) a thicket; (Jer 25:38) lair, den

Covet (eth, ous) – to desire, to gain wrongfully, greedy

Covetousness (covet)

Cracknels – crumbs, crumbled biscuits

Creature ‑ a living being

Crib – manger, feeding trough

Crisping‑pin – bag, purse, pocket

Crookbackt ‑ hump‑backed, crook‑backed

Cruse ‑ jug, bottle, flask

Cubit ‑ a measure of distance (the forearm), roughly 18 in (.5m).

Cuckow ‑ a ceremonially unclean bird, possible a gull or seagull

Cumbered ‑ to draw around, be distracted, be over-occupied, too busy

Cumbereth – to render idle, unemployed, inactivate

Cumbrance ‑ a burden

Cummin ‑ a seed used as a condiment or spice

Cunning ‑ to know, to be skilful

Curious arts ‑ magic arts

Curious ‑ carefully made, thoughtfully made

Custom ‑ (of women) a way, manner, habit; a statute or ordinance; a toll, duty, tribute, tax

Cut in sunder – to hew, chop, cut down

Dainties – delicacies, tasty or savoury food

Dale (the king’s) – valley, vale, lowland, open country

Dam ‑ a mother, female parent

Damnation – judgment; the sentence of a judge; the punishment with which one is sentenced; (2 Pe 2:3) destroying, utter destruction

Damsel ‑ girl, female servant, female slave, little girl, young woman, marriageable girl

Dandled – to be fondled, to take delight in

Darling – only one, unique one

Dash – to smite, to shatter, to strike against

Daub – to seal up, to smear, to coat, to overlay

Daysman – an umpire or arbiter; a mediator, a judge

Dayspring – dawn, rising

Deacon – a minister, to be a servant, attendant

Dearth – famine, hunger

Deck – to put on, to decorate, to make beautiful

Declare ‑ to make known, recount

Decline ‑ to stretch out, to bend, to turn aside

Defamed – to speak evil of, to revile

Defer – to delay, hesitate, tarry

Degenerate – to get worse, to decline in quality

Delectable – desirable, pleasant, delightful (Isa 44:9)

Delicately ‑ cheerfully, rich; (to live delicately) in luxury or softly

Delicates ‑ luxury, dainty, delight, finery; delight

Deliciously ‑ in luxury

Derided – to turn up the nose at, to sneer at, to scoff at

Derision – to mock, ridicule, laugh at

Describe ‑ to write down, describe in writing

Descry ‑ to make a search of, to make a reconnaissance

Desert place – wilderness, desolate place, uninhabited

Desired ‑ to covet, take pleasure in, delight in; to ask for, to enquire;

Desolation – a waste, ruin

Despise – to reject, distain, to care little for

Despite ‑ contempt; to insult

Destitute – lacking, needy, naked

Detest (detestable) – extremely hatful

Devotions ‑ an object of worship, that which is religiously honoured

Diadem ‑ (Job 29:14, Isa 62:3) turban, headdress; (Isa 28:5) crown; (Eze 21:26) turban of the high priest, mitre

Diet ‑ meal, allowance, ration

Dine – to eat a meal

Disallowed – to restrain, forbid; (NT) to disapprove, reject

Disannul – (Job 40:8, Isa 14:27) violate; (Isa 28:18) to cover over, to make atonement for; (NT) put away, abolish, render void, disregard

Discomfited ‑ to weaken, disable; to beat, crush to pieces; to cause to tremble; (Isa. 31:8) be forced to pay a tax or tribute

Discover (ed) ‑ uncover, to be naked

Disdained – to despise, reject

Dismayed (dismaying) – shattered, broken, afraid; worried

Dispensation ‑ stewardship, the management of a household, an administration

Disposition ‑ an arrangement, ordinance

Dissembled (ers, eth) – to deceive, to hide, to conceal

Distaff ‑ the staff that holds the bunch of flax or wool, which, with the spindle are implements of spinning by the hand. (Concise Bible Dictionary)

Divers – diverse, various, different, some, certain

Divination ‑ the act of divining; a foretelling future events, or discovering things secret or obscure, by the aid of superior beings, or by other than human means. (Webster)

Divine (divineth, diviners) ‑ see divination

Doctor of the law – a teacher and interpreter of the law

Doctrine – teaching

Doleful creatures – howling animal like a jackal or hyena

Doleful – wailing, lament, mourning song

Dost – the second person of do

Dote (ed) – (Jer) to be foolish; (Eze) to lust, to love sensually

Doted – to love sensually, to lust

Doth – to do, to produce

Doting – to be sick, to have a morbid fondness for

Dowry – a gift, purchase price for a wife, wedding money

Dragon ‑ serpent, sea monster, dinosaur; (NT) a great serpent, a name for Satan

Drams ‑ a gold coin current in Palestine in the period after the return from Babylon

Draught – a haul of fish, to catch fish (only in Luke)

Draught house – toilet

Draught ‑ human waste (other than in Luke)

Drave ‑ drove, past tense of drive

Dregs – the leftover substance in the bottom of a vessel

Dresser – vine dresser, gardener

Dromedary – a young female camel

Dropsy – a water retention disease, water accumulates in some part of the body

Dross – impurities that separate from a metal when it is heated to liquid

Drove – (when not meaning to drive or push) a herd or flock

Duke ‑ chief, governor, captain

Dumb – unable to speak

Dung – manure, offal; refuse

Dureth ‑ to last, third person singular of “to be”

Durst – to dare to do something, to be bold

Ear the ground – to work the ground

Earing, eared ‑ to plough (plow), to turn over the soil before planting

Earnest ‑ pledge, down payment, promise that the full amount will be paid

Earring – nose ring, earring

Easter ‑ Passover (Greek word pascha is translated Passover 28 times and Easter 1 time in the KJV)

Edify – to build up

Effectual – working, active

Elder – one who is older; a leader

Elias – Elijah

Eliseus – Elisha

Emerods ‑ tumours, haemorrhoids

Eminent – exalted, lofty, high, elevated

Emulation – zeal, jealousy, envy, strife

Enchantments – the act of producing certain wonderful effects by the invocation or aid of demons. (Webster)

Endamage ‑ to suffer injury

Endue ‑ to bestow upon, to confer; to know

Engines ‑ a warlike machine, invention; battering ram

Enjoin – to ratify, to confirm, to assign, to order

Enlargement ‑ space (deliverance)

Enmity – hatred

Ensample – example, mark, blow, pattern

Ensign – a signal; display

Ensue ‑ to run swiftly in order to catch something

Enterprise ‑ plans, undertaking

Entreated ‑ to treat something (good or evil)

Environ – to surround, compass

Ephah ‑ a dry measure equalling 22.986 L

Ephod ‑ priestly garment, shoulder‑cape or mantle, outer garment

Epistle – letter

Equity – uprightness, (Ec 2:21) success

Ere – before

Esaias – Isaiah

Eschew ‑ to turn away from, to shun

Espousals ‑ wedding (So 3:11); engagement (Jer 2:2);

Espoused – to be engaged for marriage

Espy ‑ to look about, to spy, to watch

Estate ‑ (estate of men) manner; royal power, dominion, kingdom; (low estate) condition; (former estate) former condition or situation; (stand up in his estate) pedestal, office

Estate of the elders ‑ body of elders

Estrange – to be a stranger, foreigner; (to estrange something) to profane it

Eunuch – a castrated male, often an officer

Eventide (eveningtide) – evening, night, sunset

Every several – every single

Every whit – the whole thing, completely, every word

Evidently ‑ plainly, openly, clearly

Evilfavouredness ‑ evil, bad characteristic

Exact (ed, eth) – to extract, demand payment; (2Ki 15:20) to bring out

Exaction – burden

Exchangers ‑ money‑changer, broker, banker

Execration – oath, curse

Exhortation – to beg, to call near, to comfort, to entreat

Expecting ‑ to look for, to wait for

Experiment ‑ proving, trial, to test the worth

Exploits – A deed or act; more especially, a heroic act Webster

Expound (ed) – to declare, publish, proclaim, explain

Extol – to lift up, to exalt

Extortion – (Ps 109:11) to lend; (Isa 16:4) to oppress; (NT) to rob, plunder

Eyesalve – eye medication or cream

Eyeservice – to work only while the boss is looking

Fain ‑ (OT) to go, to flee, to hasten, to come quickly; (NT) to turn upon a thing, to have a desire for, to lust after

Fairs – wares, goods

Fallow ground – freshly plowed, ground not yet planted, tillable, untilled

Familiar spirit – spirit of a dead one, ghost

Familiars ‑ peaceable men, intimate friends

Famished – to be hungry

Fan ‑ (a fan, the fan) a pitchfork, winnowing shovel; (to fan) to scatter, winnow, toss grain in the air to separate the chaff

Fare – (1Sa 17:18) welfare, how one is getting on; (Jon 1:3) passage money; (Ac 15:29) farewell, good-bye

Fared – to gladden, make joyful

Farthing – two different Roman brass coins are translated by this word: one of these, the assarion, (Mt 10:29, Lu 12:6), was worth less than a cent; the other, the kodrantes, (Mt 5:26), was probably nearly four mills. (American tract society Bible dictionary)

Fast – (fast close) to restrain, stop; (fast asleep) soundly; (bind fast) to tie; (fast by) close; (keep fast) stay close, follow closely; (to fast) to abstain from food; (stand fast) station oneself, stand still; (haste fast) to a great degree. (Check original word for exact definition).

Fat – grease, marrow; choicest best part; well-fed, plump

Fathoms – about 2 mitres

Fatling – well-fed cattle

Feign (ed) – to pretend, to simulate

Feller – one who cuts trees

Felloes ‑ Hebrew word means “the spoke of a wheel”

Fens – swamp, marsh

Fetters ‑ a fetter, metal shackle for the feet

Fillet (s) ‑ a band, that which binds two things together

Finer ‑ refiner, smelter, goldsmith

Fining pot – crucible, a melting pot

Firebrand – a burning stick taken out of the fire. (Nelson’s illustrated Bible dictionary)

Firkin ‑ about 9 gallons or 34 litres

Firmament – the region of the air; the sky or heavens. (Webster)  air around the earth supporting a water canopy above.

Firstling ‑ firstborn offspring

Fitches ‑ a grain, perhaps black cummin or spelt

Flagon of wine – a raisin-cake

Flags ‑ reeds, water plant

Flakes ‑ refuse, hanging parts, folds

Flay ‑ remove the skin

Fleshhook – three-pronged fork

Flower – but, sprout; blossom; flower; (flower of their age) as men, or perhaps as young men; (flower of her age) overripe, prime of life

Flowers – (when speaking of a woman) her menstrual period

Flux ‑ dysentery, bowel ailment

Fodder – food or dry food for cattle, horses and sheep, as hay, straw and other kinds of vegetables. (Webster)

Fold – a place to lie down or stretch out; an abode; a meadow, a pasture, a paddock

Folden together – to interweave

Forasmuch ‑ in consideration that; seeing that; since; because that; followed by as. (Webster)

Forbad – to command not to do something; to hinder, prevent, forbid

Forbear (ance, ing) – to stop, cease; (Neh 9:30) to delay; to restrain; to be silent; to abstain. (Many original words. See lexicon for exact definition).

Forborn – to cease, stop, come to an end

Ford (s) – pass, passage way

Foresaw (foreseeth, foreseeing) – to see before

Foreship ‑ bow or front of a ship

Fornication – illicit sexual intercourse, primarily but not exclusively refers to those not married and adultery applying to those married.

Forsake (n) – to let something go, to send away, to leave

Forsomuch – for, because, in as much

Forsook – to let something go, to send away, to forsake

Forswear – to swear falsely,

Forthwith – speedily, immediately

Forward, to be – to be resolved or determined

Founder – smelter, refiner, goldsmith

Fourfold – four times as much

Fourscore – eighty (score is twenty)

Foursquare – to have four sides, to be square

Fowler – a hunter who pursues wild fowls for food.

Fowls – birds

Frame ‑ (Jud 12:6) form it right; (Ps 103:14) form; (Eze 40:2) structure; (Eph 2:21) fitted together; (He 11:3) thoroughly completed

Frankly ‑ openly, freely, without reserve

Fray ‑ to terrify, frighten, cause to tremble

Fret ‑ (Le 13:55) a boring or eating out, hole, hollow; (1Sa 1:6) to tremble; (Ps 37:1,7,8, Pr 24:19) to get all heated up; (Isa 8:21) to put oneself in a rage

Frontlets ‑ a brow band, band worn on the forehead

Froward ‑ a perverse thing; twisted; to turn, to go wrong; crookedness

Fuller ‑ a washer of garments

Furbish ‑ to scour, polish

Furlong – 185 metres, 606 feet (some claim 201 metres, 660 feet)

Furniture ‑ (Ge 31:34) an enclosed riding space erected on a camel’s saddle; (all other references) implements, tools, utensils

Furrow (s) – trench, groove; groove made by a plow; (Eze 17:7,10) garden terrace or bed; (Ho 10:10) eyes

Fury – heat, rage, hot displeasure, indignation, anger, wrath, poison

Gaddest to go to and fro

Gainsay ‑ to speak against, contradict, refute

Galbanum – a kind of resin or gum

Gall – venom, bitter, poisonous; anything extremely bitter

Gaped – to open wide the mouth

Garner – storehouse, granary

Garnish – to adorn, to decorate

Garrison – a body of troops or soldiers

Gat ‑ got

Gave up the ghost ‑ died, to breathe out, breathe out one’s life, breathe one’s last, expire

Gazingstock ‑ a sight, a spectacle; (NT) to expose to contempt

Gedeon – Gideon

Gender (gendereth) ‑ to breed; to produce

Gerahs ‑a 20th part of a shekel

Ghost ‑ spirit; (Holy Ghost) Holy Spirit

Gier eagle ‑ carrion vulture

Gin ‑ trap, snare, bird trap

Gird – to bind with a belt

Girdle – sash, waistband, belt

Girt – to wear a girdle or belt

Give place ‑ to yield; to give space

Glean – to gather the stalks and ears of grain which reapers leave behind them. (Webster)

Glede ‑ bird of prey; perhaps kite or hawk

Glistering ‑ (OT) fair colours; (NT) to shine, be radiant

Go to ‑ come!

Goad – a pointed instrument used to stimulate a beast to move faster. (Webster)

God forbid – far be it from, let it not be

God speed – to wish well, to greet

Goeth about – (OT) to walk about; (NT) to seek in order to find

Going about ‑ (OT) to compass, to go around; (NT) to seek in order to find

Goodly trees – ornamental, honourable

Goodman ‑ a husband or master of a house

Gospel – good tidings, good news

Gotten ‑ to get, to acquire, to collect property

Grace – unmerited favour, pleasure, good will

Graff – to graft, to insert a small shoot of a tree into a cut in another tree.

Graven image – an idol

Graving ‑ engraving tool, stylus, chisel

Gravity – the characteristic of a thing or person which entitles to reverence and respect, dignity, honour

Greaves ‑ leg armour

Grecians ‑ Greek‑speaking Jews

Grisled ‑ spotted or marked

Grove – (Ge 21:33) a tamarisk tree; sacred poles representing ashtoreth, a sensual Canaanitish goddess, set up near an altar, the supposed partner of Baal

Guestchamber – guest room, an inn, lodging place, an eating room,

Guile – deceit; (Ex 21:14) shrewdness

Guilty of ‑ liable of, worthy of punishment

Gutter ‑ pipe, spout, conduit, water conduit

Habergeon – a coat of mail or armour to defend the neck and breast. It was formed of little iron rings united, and descended from the neck to the middle of the body.

Habitation – dwelling place, abode

Haft ‑ the handle of an instrument

Hail – when not frozen rain it is a greeting of gladness

Hale ‑ to draw down, to pull down

Haling – to drag to trial or punishment

Hallow – to sanctify or set apart as holy

Halt ‑ (1Ki 18:21) to spring or pass over; lame, crippled, one who cannot walk

Handbreadth – a spread of the hand, i.e. a palm-breadth (not “span” of the fingers). (Strong’s)

Hap ‑ chance, fortune, fate

Haply ‑ (if haply) oh that!, if only!; perhaps; by any means

Hard by – beside or near

Hardly ‑ with difficulty, not easily; (deal hardly) to afflict or oppress

Harlot – a prostitute, a woman who sells her body for sexual uses

Harrow – an instrument of agriculture used to break the clods of dirt

Hart ‑ stag, deer

Hast – have

Hath – has

Haughty – high, to be haughty, be arrogant

Haunt – foot, place of the foot, dwelling

He ass – a male animal used to carry cargo similar to a donkey or mule

Headlong – hastily, to fall head first

Heady ‑ rash, reckless

Heaps – piles

Heath – nakedness, stripped; a dry tree

Heathen – people, nations, non-Jews

Held his peace (their peace) – to keep silent

Help meet – helper, aid, “literally, a helper, as over against him, i.e. corresponding to him” (Pulpit Commentary)

Helve ‑ wood, in context the handle of an axe

Henceforth – (many original words but all with similar meanings) still, again, besides, now, from now on

Heresy – a choosing, a choice, same word translated “sect.”

Heretick ‑ schismatic, factious, a follower of a false doctrine

Heretofore ‑ three days ago, day before yesterday; yesterday, recently

Herewith – on these conditions

Hewn – to cut, to cut out, to quarry

Highminded ‑ proud, puffed up with pride

Hin ‑ a Hebrew liquid measure of about 6 litres

Hind (s) – doe, deer

Hinder part, sea, end – the rear

Hireling – hired labourer

Hiss – to whistle, to pipe

Hither ‑ here, to this place, in this same spot

Hitherto ‑ until now, before; onward; not yet

Hoar; hoary – white, gray, old age

Hoised ‑ to lift up, to raise up

Hold to ‑ to hold firmly, cleave to

Holden ‑ done, made, observed; to hold, to support

Holpen ‑ (Ps 83:8) to help militarily; to help

Homer ‑ a dry measure, originally a donkey’s load, some estimate it to be about 230 litres

Honest ‑ good, excellent in its nature and characteristics, praiseworthy, honourable

Hook – (Job 41:2 only) a plant growing in marshy ground or by watercourses, and used for chair‑bottoms, baskets, mats, ropes, etc.

Horn ‑ bonelike substance growing from the head of an animal; horns were sometimes use for vessels; an emblem of power or strength

Horseleach – a leech, sucking worm

Hosanna ‑ oh save!, an exclamation of adoration (strong’s dictionary)

Hosen – a garment, no specifics known

Hosts – armies, many people

Hough ‑ cut the hamstring of an animal

Hungered ‑ to be hungry

Husbandman (husbandmen) – plowman, husbandman, farmer; working the land, yet not owning any of it; tiller of the soil, a vine dresser

Hyssop – a bitter herb

Ignominy – shame, disgrace, dishonour

Imagery ‑ image, idol, figure, picture, imagination.

Immortal – not able to corrupt or decay

Immutable – unchangeable

Impenitent – admitting no change of mind, unrepented

Imperious – Commanding; dictatorial; haughty; arrogant; overbearing; domineering Webster

Imperious – haughty, arrogant, domineering

Implacable – “one who cannot be persuaded to enter into a covenant” (Vine’s Dictionary)

Implead ‑ accuse, bring a charge against

Importunity – lack of feeling of shame, shamelessness

Impotent ‑ weak, feeble, disabled

Impudent – strong, stout, to prevail, mighty, hard, cruel, severe

Impute – to charge, reckon, regard, think

In any wise – (see original words in a lexicon as there are many with varied meanings)

Inclose ‑ enclose, surround; to shut up on all sides

Incontinent (incontinency) ‑ without self-control

Indignation – anger, wrath

Inditing ‑ to keep moving, stir

Infamy – defaming, evil report, slander

Infidel – unbeliever

Infolding ‑ to take hold of oneself, to flash about

Iniquity – sin, guilt, unrighteous, transgression, wickedness

Inkhorn ‑ inkwell, pot of ink

Inordinate – without restraint

Inquisition ‑ to seek, to search, to investigate

Instant ‑ urgent, pressing, to press upon

Instantly ‑ with haste, earnestly

Intercession – entreaty, to intercede for one, a prayer for someone else

Issue of blood – a flow of blood

Jangling ‑ vain talking, empty talk

Jeoparded ‑ to reproach, despise, endangered

Jephthae – Jephthah

Jeremy (Jeremias) – Jeremiah

Jesus – (Ac 7:45, He 4:8) Joshua

Jewry ‑ judaea, in a narrower sense, the southern portion of Palestine lying on this side of the Jordan and the dead sea, to distinguish it from Samaria, Galilee, Peraea, and Idumaea

Jonas – Jonah

Jot ‑ the smallest Hebrew letter

Jubile ‑ (Le 25:9) alarm; “the name of the great semi‑centennial festival of the Hebrews. It lasted for a year. During this year the land was to be fallow, and the Israelites were only permitted to gather the spontaneous produce of the fields (Le 25:11,12). All landed property during that year reverted to its original owner (Le 25:13‑34, 27:16‑24) and all who were slaves were set free (Le 25:39‑54) and all debts were remitted.” (Easton’s Revised Bible Dictionary)

Justification – the act of God declaring men free from guilt and acceptable to him

Kerchief ‑ long veil, a cloth that covered the head

Kin (kindred, kinsman) – a blood relative; (Nu 5:8 and book of Ruth) a kinsman-redeemer, a brother or near relative that was allowed to marry a widow and buy her land to carry on the name of the dead.

Kine ‑ a cow or heifer (young female cow)

Knop ‑ knob, flower bud

Lade (laded, laden, ladeth) ‑ to load

Lamentation – crying, wailing, mourning

Lamented – to mourn, to lament, of singers of dirges, to wail

Languish (ing, eth, ed) – to be weak, to droop, to be exhausted; (Ps 41:3) to be ill

Lascivious – uncontrolled lust

Latchet – the strap or tie that fastened on a shoe or sandal.

Laud ‑ to approve or to praise

Laughed him to scorn – to laugh at in contempt; to turn to ridicule or make sport of; to mock; to treat with scorn by laughter. (Webster)

Laver ‑ a wash basin, a pot or a pan

Lawyer – in the NT an interpreter and teacher of the Mosaic law

Layeth at ‑ to reach at

Leasing ‑ lying, falsehood, deceit

Leathern – made from leather or hide

Leaven ‑ yeast, something that when added to another substance causes it to swell or grow

Lees ‑ dregs, sediment in a bottle

Left (doing something) – (Lu 5:4) to cease or stop, (not left hand, not to leave behind)

Legion – a legion, a body of soldiers whose number differed at different times, and in the time of Augustus seems to have consisted of 6826 men (Online Bible Lexicon)

Let (letteth) ‑ to hold back, detain, restrain

Leviathan ‑ sea monster, dragon, large aquatic animal, perhaps the extinct dinosaur, plesiosaurus, exact meaning unknown

Lewd ‑ wicked, evil

Libertines ‑ freed slaves

Lien ‑ to lie down with

Lieutenants ‑ a governor of a Persian province

Lign‑aloes ‑ aloes wood, a fragrant tree

Ligure ‑ a precious stone, possibly jacinth

Liking ‑ (good liking) to be healthy, (worse liking) to fret, be sad, be angry

Lintel – the head-piece of a door-frame (Webster)

Listed (listeth) ‑ to desire, to love, to take delight in; to choose

Litters ‑ a carrying vehicle, a covered wagon

Lively ‑ vigorous; to be alive

Lo – behold, see

Loathsome – (Nu 11:20) nauseating; (Job 7:5) to flow, run; (Ps 38:7) burning; (Pr 13:5) to stink, smell bad

Loft ‑ a roof room, roof chamber

Log ‑ a liquid measure equal to about one half litre

Loins – the hip, thigh, flank; the body area of procreation

Look to ‑ to look at, to regard

Lop – to cut off

Lot, a – a portion of something

Lots – an object used in casting or drawing lots, which was either a pebble, or a potsherd, or a bit of wood. The lots of several persons concerned, inscribed with their names, were thrown together into a vase, which was then shaken, and he whose lot fell out first upon the ground was the one chosen.

Loweth (lowing) – the moo of cows

Lowring ‑ sad, sorrowful; cloudy skies

Lucre – profit, gain; greedy for money;

Lusty ‑ fat, rich, robust, stout

Made as though – to pretend

Magnifical ‑ great, magnificent

Maimed – disabled

Malefactors – a wrong-doer, i.e. criminal

Mallows ‑ a plant that grows in salt marshes

Mammon ‑ materialism, riches, money personified

Mandrakes ‑ an unknown fruit

Maneh – 60 shekels of silver

Manifest – to make know or visible

Manifold – many or varied

Manner ‑ (several original words used in many ways) way, path, way of living; speech, words, occupation; a judgment; kinds, types, sort

Mansions ‑ dwelling places, residences

Mantle – rug, blanket; a robe; a large over-garment

Maranatha ‑ the lord is coming

Marishes ‑ marshes, swamps, wetlands

Marrow – fat, choicest, best part

Mart ‑ a place to gain from merchandise

Maschil ‑ word occurring in the headings of several of the psalms, signifies instruction

Mastery, masteries – (OT) victory; (NT) a contest, to fight

Matrix – womb

Matter ‑ (Jas 3:5) a forest, a woodland

Mattock ‑ (1Sa 13:20) a plowshare; (Isa 7:25) a hoe

Maul ‑ a scattering club

Maw ‑ stomach

Mazzaroth – some noted constellation

Mean men ‑ obscure, insignificant, low

Meat ‑ food of any kind, sometimes the flesh of an animal

Meek – poor, humble, mild, gentle

Meet ‑ (not the word “to meet” something), right; fitting, useful, proper

Menstealers – a slave‑dealer, kidnapper

Mess ‑ portion

Messiah, messias ‑ the anointed one, Christ in the NT

Mete ‑ to measure, to measure out

Meteyard ‑ a measurement, act of measuring

Milch ‑ giving milk to its young

Mincing ‑ to skip, trip, take little steps

Minish (ed) – diminished

Ministration – service

Mire – mud, clay

Mirth – joy, gladness, rejoicing

Mite ‑ small brass coin, about 1/5 cent

Mitre ‑ turban, also called a diadem

Mollified – to be soften

Morrow ‑ tomorrow, the next day

Mote ‑ a dry stalk or twig, chaff

Motions ‑ afflictions, passions, misfortunes

Mount ‑ (usually a hill or mountain); a military mound, bank of earth, a rampart

Mufflers ‑ veils

Munition ‑ fortress, stronghold, hunting implement

Murrain ‑ cattle disease

Mustered (mustereth) – to go forth, wage war, fight; to cause to go forth

Napkin ‑ handkerchief

Naught, naughty, naughtiness ‑ worthless, bad, evil

Naves ‑ hubs of a wheel or the rims

Nay – no

Necromancer – one who seeks to talk to the dead

Neesings ‑ sneezing

Nephew ‑ (OT) son, grandson, child; offspring; (NT) a descendant, especially a grandchild

Nether ‑ lower, lower parts; (nethermost) lowest

Nigh – near

Nineve – Nineveh

Nitre ‑ carbonate of soda

Noe – Noah

Noised abroad ‑ talked about

Noisome ‑ destructive, ruinous, bad, unpleasant, malignant; of a bad nature

Nought – for nothing, without cause; to frustrate, make ineffectual

Nought, set at – to treat as a zero, to make of no account, despise utterly

Oblationpresent, gift, offering

Obeisance – to bow down before

Obstinate – strong, stubborn

Occupy ‑ to exchange, trade, do business

Occurrent ‑ occurrence, happening, chance

Odious – (1Ch 19:6) to stink; (Pr 30:23) hateful

Offend ‑ to deal corruptly, deceitfully ; cause to stumble or fall

Offscouring – dirt rubbed off, scrapings

Oft – often

Omer ‑ a dry measure about 2 litres

Omnipotent – all powerful

Onycha ‑ supposed to be the odoriferous shell of the onyxfish (Webster)

Oracle – speech, word

Osee – Hosea

Ossifrage ‑ bird of prey, perhaps bearded vulture

Ouches ‑ settings

Ought against – something against

Outgoings ‑ border, a going out, extremity, end

Outlandish ‑ foreign, alien, unknown

Outwent – to go before, precede

Overcharged ‑ to weigh down

Overlive ‑ outlive, to live longer than

Paddle ‑ a stake or pin, used like a small shovel

Painful, painfulness ‑ labourious, troublesome, difficult

Palmerworm ‑ locust

Palsy ‑ paralysis

Pangs – to have great pain or suffering; torment, cramps

Paper reeds – (Hebrew) bare places

Paper – writing material

Paps ‑ breasts of a woman

Paramours – an adulterous lover

Parbar – a structure or building attached to the west side of Solomon’s temple

Parcel ‑ portion

Parlour ‑ room on the roof; (1Sa 9:22) a room

Passage, the ‑ a ford, a pass

Passion – Christ’s suffering on the cross

Pastors – (OT) shepherds, herdsmen, those who tend flocks

Pate ‑ head, crown of head, top of head

Pavilion – canopy, royal pavilion; thicket, booth

Peculiar ‑ a possession, one’s own property

Peeled – scoured, polished, smooth

Peep ‑ to chirp, chatter, whisper

Pence – see penny

Penny, pennyworth ‑ a roman silver coin in NT time. A day’s wage.

Pentecost ‑ fiftieth day, seventh week after Passover

Penury – extreme poverty

Peradventure ‑ perhaps, by chance, if

Perdition – destruction

Perfect – mature, complete

Perplexity – confusion, puzzled, in doubt

Phylacteries – short portions of the law written on strips of parchment, which were placed in a case made of calf skin, and worn upon the forehead and the left arm (Concise Bible Dictionary)

Pictures ‑ an image, idol, carved picture

Piety – to be reverent, worshipful

Pilled ‑ peeled bark

Pinnacle – a wing, extremity (top corner), part of a building elevated above the main building.

Piped – to play on the flute

Piss, pisseth – urine, urinate

Pitch – (verb) to cover, to encamp, (noun) asphalt, pitch

Plaiting – an interweaving, braiding, a knot

Plat ‑ portion of ground

Platted – braid, weave together

Platter ‑ dish, plate, side dish, dish of choice food

Play ‑ to laugh, mock, play; to make music; to act like something

Pleiades – a constellation of seven stars

Plummet – a piece of lead attached to a string used for levelling; a stone (Zech 4:10).

Polled ‑ to shave off

Polls ‑ skulls, heads

Pommels ‑ bowl‑shaped portion at the top of a pillar

Port ‑ a gate

Porter – gatekeeper, doorkeeper

Possess – (Lu 18:12, 21:19, 1Th 4:4) to gain, to acquire, to get, obtain, purchase (other verses use the normal sense of the word.)

Post (a person) – a swift runner

Potentate – royal minister of great authority

Potsherd ‑ clay pottery, often a broken piece

Pottage ‑ boiled food, soup, pottage

Pound ‑ in the ot money weighing about 570g; in the NT it is money or a weight of about 340g

Pourtray ‑ to engrave

Prating ‑ the Hebrew means lip, language, speech; implies talkative

Prayed him – asked, requested, begged

Presbytery – body of elders

Presently ‑ at this time, immediately

Press ‑ (verb) to squeeze, (noun)

Press, the – a crowd

Pressfat ‑ a wine vat or tank to collect the juice

Prevent ‑ to go before, to come before

Prey ‑ booty, spoil, plunder, things taken in battle

Pricks ‑ (OT) thorn; (NT) a sharp stick for urging an animal to go

Printed ‑ to be inscribed

Prised ‑ appraised, valued

Privily ‑ deceitfully, secretly, obscurely, hidden

Privy ‑ (privy member) male organ; (privy chamber) an enclosed room; (is privy, being privy) to know something

Procured – to make, to produce, “A generic verb with a wide application meaning to do something.” (Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible)

Profane ‑ polluted, defiled; unholy or common

Profound – deeply involved

Progenitors – those who conceived me

Prognosticators ‑ one who makes known

Proper good ‑ possession, valued property (1Ch 29:3)

Proper ‑ personal possession; (He 11:23) of polished manners

Propitiation – that which appeasing the anger of God

Proselyte ‑ one who has come over from a gentile religion to Judaism

Prospect – face

Prove ‑ test, try, to examine to see if genuine

Provender – food for animals

Provide ‑ to supply; (Ro 12:17, 1Ti 5:8) to take thought for, care for a thing

Providence ‑ to make provision for a thing, forethought

Psaltery ‑ stringed instrument

Publican ‑ tax collector for Rome

Pulse ‑ vegetables

Purchase ‑ to buy or obtain; (Ge 49:32) livestock; (Le 25:33) to redeem

Purloining – pilfering, to steal, embezzle

Purtenance ‑ inward parts

Put to ‑ add to, increase, send; to kill, to make silent, worse, ashamed, confused, etc.

Pygarg ‑ unknown animal, perhaps a mountain goat, antelope, or gazelle

Quaternions ‑ a guard consisting of four soldiers

Quick ‑ living

Quickened ‑ to cause to live

Quit ‑ unpunished; behave like

Rabbi – master, honourable teacher

Rabboni – master, chief, prince

Raca – a senseless, empty headed man

Raging – swelling, roaring, storming, savage

Rahel – Rachel

Rail ‑ (1Sa 25:14) to scream; to reproach

Railer ‑ one who rails

Railing ‑ slander

Raiment – clothing, garments, outer garment, i.e. the cloak or mantle and the tunic

Rampart – fortress, wall

Ranges ‑ (Le 11:35) cooking furnaces; (1Ki 11) rows or ranks of soldiers; (2Ch 23:14) houses

Ranging ‑to run about

Rank (s) – (1Ki 7:4-5) strokes; (Joe 2:7) paths; (Mr 6:40) rows

Rase ‑ to make bare or empty

Ravening ‑ to tear in pieces; to plunder

Ravin ‑ to be torn in pieces

Ravished – to stagger, to enjoy one sexually, to lay with sexually

Reared up – to raise or erect

Receipt of custom ‑ toll house or tax office

Recompense – compensate, give back

Redound – to abound

Rehearse ‑ to tell again

Reins ‑ kidney, seat of emotion or affection

Remission – to forgive, to release from bondage

Remit – to let go, to send away

Rend – tear, tear in pieces

Renown – name, reputation, fame

Rent – to tear, to break, to rend

Rentest – to tear, but in (Jer 4:30) to make wide the eye opening with paint.

Repent – (OT) to be sorry; (NT) to change one’s mind

Reprobate ‑ (OT) to reject, to despise; (NT) not standing the test, not approved

Reproof – rebuke; (NT) evidence, proof, conviction

Require ‑ to seek or ask

Requite – repay, restore

Rereward ‑ towards the rear; rear guard

Revellings – carousal, late night wild parties

Reverence – to fear, revere, be afraid; to bow down; a sense of shame or honour, modesty, bashfulness

Revile – to make light of, belittle, reproach

Ribband – twine, cord, thread

Rid ‑ to take away

Rie ‑ rye, spelt, a grain

Rifled ‑ spoiled, plundered, valuables taken

Ringstraked ‑ striped

Riot ‑ an abandoned dissolute life; (2Pe 2:13) luxurious living

Riotous ‑ worthless, desolate

Road ‑ invade, plunder, raid

Room ‑ normal definition except in (Ac 24:27) meaning to succeed, a successor

Rude ‑ unlearned, illiterate

Rue ‑ a garden herb

Rush – a plant growing in marshy ground or by watercourses, and used for chair‑bottoms, baskets, mats, ropes, etc.

Sabbath – a day of rest, usually Saturday but not always

Sackbut ‑ a triangular musical instrument with four strings, similar to a lyre

Sackcloth – a course cloth used for making bags, course cloth worn while mourning

Sacrilege – to rob a temple

Saint – a holy man, a true Christian

Salutation – greeting

Sanctification (sanctify) – to make holy

Sara – Sarah

Sardine ‑ a red gem stone

Sardius ‑ a precious stone of a blood‑red colour.

Sat at meat – to recline at a table, to eat together, to dine

Satiate – saturated, have or drink one’s fill

Satyr– a male goat, buck

Save that, save a ‑ if not, except, but (not the verb meaning to rescue or deliver)

Savour ‑ a smell either fragrant or foul; (Mt 5:13, Lu 14:34) taste

Scabbard – sheath for a sword

Scall ‑ scab

Scant ‑ lean, less than full

Scapegoat – refers to the goat used for sacrifice for the sins of the people

Scorn, laughed him to – to laugh at in contempt; to turn to ridicule or make sport of; to mock; to treat with scorn by laughter. (Webster)

Scourge – to whip

Scrip ‑ a wallet, traveller’s bag

Sea molten – a large water basin in the temple court

Seared ‑ scorched; cauterized (Webster)

Seatward ‑ part of the phrase mercy seat

Sect – a choosing, a group following their own teachings

Secure, securely ‑ safe, to feel safe, free from worry

Sedition – insurrection, strife, a rising against civil or political authority

See to ‑ to see or to look at

Seeketh – is seeking

Seethe ‑ to boil, cook, bake, roast, ripen

Selvedge – end

Sepulchre – a tomb, a grave

Serjeants ‑ one who carried a rod and beat condemned criminals

Servile – labour, service

Servitor ‑ a minister, servant

Set forward ‑ to depart, start a trip; to oversee; to gain

Set on ‑ to place on; (Ac 18:10) to attack

Set to his seal ‑ to confirm, authenticate, to seal

Settle (a settle, the settle) ‑ an enclosure, ledge, border

Sevenfold – multiplied by seven

Several – separate, distinct, particular, single; different diverse

Severally ‑ pertaining to one’s self, individually

Shambles ‑ market place

Shamefacedness ‑ a sense of shame, modesty, bashfulness

Sheaf – bundle of grain stalks

Sheath – a case to cover the blade of a sword

Sheepcote ‑ paddock, pasture, abode of flocks

Shekel ‑ a weight and unit of money, about 12g

Sherd ‑ pottery, often a broken piece

Sheriffs – lawyer, judicial, magistrate

Shew – show

Shipping ‑ to travel by boat or ship

Shittim, shittah ‑ acacia tree or acacia wood

Shivers – to break in pieces

Shod – to bind under one’s feet, i.e. put on shoes or sandals

Shroud ‑ wooded area, forest

Signet – a seal, a seal ring

Silly ‑ open-minded, simple, naive

Silvanus – another name for Silas

Silverlings ‑ Silver Money

Similitude – image, likeness, form, pattern

Simple ‑ foolish, naive; (Ro 16:18) without fraud, harmless; (Ro 16:19) innocent, unmixed

Sincere ‑ pure, unmixed

Single – simple, whole, good, fulfilling its office

Sith ‑ since

Sixscore ‑ 120

Skill ‑ to know how, skilled

Slay – kill

Sleight ‑ dice playing, implies deception

Slew – to kill

Slime ‑ pitch, asphalt, bitumen

Sling – an instrument for throwing stones or other missiles; the act or motion of hurling as with a sling; to throw. (Webster)

Slips – branch, twig, shoot

Slow bellies – lazy gluttons

Sluices – wages

Smart – to be destroyed

Smite – hit, beat, slay, kill

Smote – past tense of smite

Snare – a trap

Snuffdishes ‑ fire-holder firepan, tray, censer

Snuffeth – to gasp, pant, pant after, long for, breathe heavily

Sobriety – soundness of mind, self-control

Sod (sodden) ‑ boiled

Sodering ‑ joining, soldering, riveting

Sojourn ‑ to abide, dwell, remain, continue; in the NT, a stranger, a foreigner, one who lives in a place without the right of citizenship

Solace – to delight oneself

Sometime (s) ‑ once, formerly, at one time

Soothsayer – A foreteller of the future by astrology. (Word Dictionary for Archaic Words)

Sop – a crumb, a morsel, a mouthful, a bit

Sort ‑ manner; word, abundance, (many meanings, check original word dictionary for exact word)

Sottish ‑ foolish, silly

Spake – to speak

Span – the distance from the extremity of the thumb to that of the little finger, when stretched apart; some nine inches. (American Tract Society Bible Dictionary)

Spindle – shank of a distaff, see distaff

Spikenard – a highly perfumed ointment prepared from a plant in India American Tract Society Bible Dictionary

Spite – anger, provocation, grief

Spittle – spit, saliva

Spoil – booty, prey, goods taken by a victor

Spring, day began to ‑ to come up, dawn

Spue – to vomit out

Stablisheth – to make firm, establish

Stacte – an aromatic gum resin of a shrub

Stanched – to stop, to stand still

Standard – flag, banner

Stature – measure, size

Staves – a bar for carrying; a club or stick; a walking stick

Stay ‑ remain, relax, support; (many meanings, check original word dictionary for exact word)

Stayed him ‑ to hold back, detain, restrain

Stead ‑ in stead of, place, for the sake of

Stedfast – firm, trustworthy, immovable

Steel – copper, bronze

Steward – (Ge 15:2) heir; servant; (NT) manager of a household

Stirs – noise, shouting

Stock – family, offspring; stem or trunk of a tree

Stomacher ‑ rich or expensive robe

Stout (stoutness, stouthearted) ‑ mighty, valiant, great, strong

Straightway – now, right away, immediately

Strait (straitened) ‑ narrow spot, tight, small; distress, restricted

Straiten – to oppress

Straitly ‑ (Ge 43:7) enquiring; (Ex 13:19, 1Sa 14:28) with an oath; (Jos 6:1) to close; (NT) with a command, strongly; with a threat

Straitness ‑ distress

Strake sail ‑ to let down the sail of a ship

Strakes ‑ a peeled spot or a stripe

Strawed ‑ spread or scatter; to winnow grain

Strawed – to spread, to scatter

Stricken in age ‑ to enter the aged years

Strike hands ‑ to clap or clasp hands

Striker – quarrelsome person

Strowed – to scatter, sprinkle, toss

Suborned – to instruct privately, to induce to give false testimony

Subscribe – to write down

Subtil, subtilty ‑ shrewd, crafty, subtle

Succour – help

Suffer – to hold up; to allow, permit, let

Suffered – (when not used to mean feel pain) to allow, permit

Sumptuously – brilliantly

Sunday – in many portions, in many


Sup – to eat the main meal, usually evening meal

Superfluity – an abundance

Superfluous – to extend, beyond necessary

Superscription – inscription, title

Supplant – to take by the heel, to trip up

Supple – to cleanse or wash

Suppliants ‑ worshippers

Supplication – to beg, to seek favour, to pray for

Surety – to become security for a loan

Surfeiting ‑ a head ache from drunkenness

Surmisings – suspicions

Swaddling clothes – a strip of cloth used to wrap an infant

Swine – pig

Swoon – faint, feeble

Sycamine ‑ tree, having the form and foliage of the mulberry, but fruit resembling the fig

Tabering ‑ sound the timbrel, beat, play upon

Tabernacle ‑ dwelling place, tent; sacred tent of the Jehovah

Table ‑ board, slab, tablet, plank; (not the flat surface with legs often used for placing meals on)

Tablets ‑ (Ex 35:22, Nu 31:50) golden ornament; (Isa 3:20) probably perfume boxes

Tabret – timbrel, tambourine

Taches ‑ hooks

Taken with – possessing, held with

Tale ‑ tally, number

Talent ‑ (OT) a round weight of gold, silver, bronze, iron, weights varied; (NT) a weight of money about 35 kg.

Tapestry – a spread, covering, or coverlet

Tares ‑ a weed that looked like wheat

Target ‑ shield, large shield

Taunt – sharp word, sharp (cutting) word

Taxation ‑ estimation, valuation

Taxing ‑ an enrolment or registration in the public records of persons together with their income and property, as the basis of a census or valuation,

Teachest – (teacheth) to teach, to learn

Teats – breasts, nipples

Teil tree ‑ oak tree or elm tree

Tell ‑ (Ge 15:5, Ps 22:17, 48:12) count, number

Temperance (temperate) – self-controlled

Tempered – mixed together

Tempest – windy storm

Tempt ‑ try, test, prove; (in some verses) to lure into sin (check original language)

Tenons – literally hands, a peg that sticks out

Teraphim ‑ a family idol or image

Tetrarch ‑ a governor of a region

Thee – singular of you, the objective case of thou

Thee‑ward ‑ toward thee, toward you singular

Thence – there

Thine – yours singular

Thitherward – there

Thou – you, second person singular

Thought, take no ‑ don’t be anxious or worried

Threescore – sixty

Thrice – three times

Thronged – to choke, to press round or throng one so as almost to suffocate him.

Thus – in this way

Thy – your singular

Thyine ‑ the citrus, an odoriferous North African tree used as incense,

Tillage – (1Ch 27:26, Ne 10:37) labour, service; (Pr 13:23) tillable or untilled or fallow ground

Tillage – work, service, tilled ground

Timotheus – Timothy

Tire ‑ head‑dress

Tirshatha – a title used by the Persian governor in Judea

Tithe ‑ ten percent of one’s gross income

Tittle ‑ little lines or small projection that made Hebrew letters differ

To wit – to know

Toiled – to labour or work hard

Told ‑ counted, numbered, reckoned (1Ki 8:5, 2Ki 12:10, 2Ch 5:6)

Tophet (Topheth) – place of fire, place SE of Jerusalem, so named because of the drums used to cover the cries of the children who were sacrificed in the fires to the idol Moloch.

Tormentors ‑ an inquisitor, torturer

Tow – strand of flax

Traffick ‑ to travel about in, to trade

Transgression – rebellion, an unfaithful or treacherous act, to violate God’s law

Translate (ed) ‑ to transpose, to transfer, to change, to go or pass over

Travail ‑ to give birth; hardship distress, weariness; labour

Traversing – to twist

Traversing – twist, entangle

Treachery, treacherous (ly) – to trick, cheat, or deceive

Trench – a row of sharp stakes between which earth, stones, trees, and timbers are heaped and packed together. This forms a type of fortification around a city in time of battle.

Trespass ‑ sin, rebellion, offence, wrong-doing, to miss the mark

Trimmest – to decorate, to make beautiful

Trimmest ‑ to be glad or joyful

Trodden (trode) – to trample, to walk on

Trow ‑ think, suppose, seem

Trump – trumpet

Tumultuous – roar, crash, uproar of revellers

Turtles, turtledoves ‑ doves

Tutors ‑ a steward, manager, guardian

Twain ‑ two

Unawares – to deceive the heart; (kill unawares) unintentionally; unexpectedly, suddenly

Uncomely ‑ (1Co 7:36) not pleasing; (1Co 12:23) deformed, indecent

Unction – anything smeared on, ointment, anoint

Undergirding ‑ to bind a ship together laterally: i.e. with girths or cables, to enable it to survive the force of waves and tempest

Undertake ‑ to give in pledge, become security for a loan

Unicorn ‑ possibly a wild bull, exact meaning unknown

Unlade – to lay down a load

Unperfect ‑ embryo, fetus

Unshod – barefoot

Untoward – crooked, perverse

Upbraid (ed) (eth) ‑ reproach, revile

Us-ward ‑ us

Usurp authority – to act on one’s own authority, to exercise dominion over another

Usury ‑ interest on something loaned

Utmost ‑ extremity, outskirts; to cut off (check original language)

Utter court ‑ outer, eternal, outward court

Uttermost ‑ extreme, end, border; (Ac 24:22) to know exactly; (1Th 2:16) end; (He 7:25) completely, perfectly

Vagabond ‑ to waver, to wander

Vail, Veil ‑ shawl, wrapper, curtain, covering

Vain – empty

Vale – valley

Valiant – mighty, strong

Vanities, lying ‑ empty breaths; perhaps worthless idols

Variance – (Mt 10:35) cut in two pieces, sever; (Ga 5:20) contention, strife

Vaunt ‑ to glorify self, to boast

Vehemently – (several meanings check original word for exact) hot, sultry; exceeding strong; to break against; terribly; forcibly

Veil, Vail ‑ shawl, wrapper, curtain, covering

Venture, at a ‑ without aiming

Verily ‑ truly, certainly, surely, indeed

Vermilion – a brilliant red colour

Vestments ‑ garments, clothing

Vestry (vesture) ‑ wardrobe, wearing apparel, clothing

Vex ‑ to oppress, suppress, treat violently, maltreat

Vexation ‑ a longing, striving; tumult, confusion (many words, check original)

Vial ‑ (OT) flask; (NT) a broad shallow bowl

Victuals ‑ food, nourishment

Vigilant – (1Ti 3:2) sober, temperate; (1Pe 5:8) to watch carefully

Vile (vilest) ‑ to disgrace, dishonour, be lightly esteemed; despised; unclean; worthless; offensive; low estate (many words, check original)

Villany – senselessness, folly

Viol ‑ harp, musical instrument

Viper – a snake

Virtue (virtuous) ‑ strength, power, ability

Visage – appearance, one’s face

Visitation – investigation, inspection

Vocation – one’s calling or invitation

Void – empty

Volume ‑ roll or scroll

Wag – to shake

Wallow – to roll, (Jer 48:26) to splash

Wanting – lacking, left behind

Wanton – (Isa 3:16) to look at with a luring look; (Jas 5:5) to live luxuriously, to live in pleasure; (1Ti 5:11) waxed wanton – to feel the impulses of sexual desire

Wantonness – unbridled lust

Ward ‑ prison, guard-house

Ware (s) ‑ merchandise, value, price

Ware – to put on, to be clothed

Warp – the threads, which are extended lengthwise in the loom, and crossed by the woof Webster

Watch (es) – The Jews reckoned three military watches: the “first” or beginning of the watches, (La 2:19) from sunset to ten o’clock; the second or “middle watch” was from ten until two o’clock; (Jud 7:19) the third, “the morning watch,” from two to sunrise. (Ex 14:24, 1Sa 11:11) Afterward under the Romans they had four watches: (Mt 14:25, Lu 12:38), “even, midnight, cockcrowing, and morning;” (Mr 13:35) ending respectively at 9 p. m., midnight, 3 a. m., and 6 a. m. (Fasset’s Bible Dictionary)

Watchings – to be sleepless, watching

Waterspouts – pipe, spout, conduit

Wax (waxed) – to increase in size, numbers, strength, prosperity, or intensity (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary); to grow bigger; to pass from one stage to another

Way side – road or path

Wayfaring – to wander, journey

Wayfaring – travelling, on a journey

Waymarks ‑ signpost, monument, market

Wen – a running sore

Wench – maid-servant, slaver girl

Wert – were, was

Whelp ‑ cub, young

When as ‑ for

Whence – where

Wherefore – why? for what reason?

Whereinsoever – in whatever

Whereon – on or upon

Wherewith – with which

Whet – to sharpen

Whether ‑ which

Whilst – while, when

Whit, every whit ‑ all, completely; (not a whit) nothing

Whither ‑ to what place

Whore – to be or act like a prostitute

Whoremonger – a male prostitute

Wiles – cunning, craftiness, deceit

Will (my will, and similar) – choice, desire, pleasure

Wilt – will

Wimples – a cloak, veil, shawl

Winebibber – one given to wine, a drinker

Winefat – (Is 63:2) wine press; (Mr 12:1) a vessel placed under a press to receive the juice

Winked at ‑ to overlook, take no notice of

Winnoweth (ed) – to scatter, fan, or cast grain in the air to separate the chaff from the grain

Wist ‑ to know or perceive

Wit, (to wit) – to know

Withal ‑ the same, at the same time, together with

Without ‑ in some context it means outside

Withs ‑ cords, slender twigs twisted into a rope (Concise Bible Dictionary)

Witty ‑ skilful, wise

Woe worth ‑ alas!, expression of grief

Wont ‑ to have a habit

Woof – (see warp)

Wormwood – bitterness

Wormwood – bitterness; an intensely bitter and poisonous plant (American Tract Society Dictionary)

Worship, have ‑ (Lu 14:10) to be praised or honoured

Wot, wotteth ‑ to know, to perceive

Would (to) God ‑ if only!, oh that!; would indeed, wish

Wreathen ‑ cord, rope, cordage, foliage, interwoven foliage; lattice

Wrest ‑ to stretch, to bend, to pervert

Wringed ‑ to drain, to squeeze out

Wroth ‑ be angry

Wrought – to work, do, or accomplish

Ye – you plural

Yea – yes

Yesternight ‑ last night, yesterday

Yoke‑fellow – comrade, colleague, partner

Yoke – the beam to which two animals are fastened for any purpose of labour (Concise Bible Dictionary)

Yonder – out there, there, in that place

You‑ward ‑ you plural

The primary sources for definitions in this booklet are the Online Bible Lexicon, Strong’s Lexicon, and the Webster’s Dictionary. Other sources are listed after the definition.

The King James Bible is a very accurate Bible translation yet it has many words that are archaic and many more that are unfamiliar to the Bible reader in the 21st Century.  We have compiled a basic dictionary to define about 1200 of those words.

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