Dictionary of Archaic and Unfamiliar Words in the KJV

written by Scott Childs

The King James Bible is a very accurate Bible translation yet it has many words that are archaic and many more that are unfamiliar to the Bible reader in the 21st Century.  We have compiled a basic dictionary to define about 1200 of those words.

The dictionary is easy to use.  Simply down load the pdf file by clicking here.  You can then search the dictionary in Adobe Reader or you can print it in a booklet format.

To print as a booklet follow these instructions:

  1. Select Print
  2. Go down to “page scaling” and select “booklet printing”
  3. Under “booklet subset” first select “back side only”
  4. Click “OK” to print.  It should print 6 pages
  5. Flip the stack of sheets upside down end for end.
  6. Under “booklet subset” now select “front side only”
  7. Click “OK” to print

This should print the booklet for you.  You will need a long necked stapler to bind the booklet.