Book of Numbers

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Numbers 5-6

27 September 2023 Lesson: 4 Numbers 5:1-6:27 Sanctification of Israel (pt.1) Main Outline from Open Bible Sanctification through separation (Nu 5:1-31) Separation of unclean persons (5:1-4). This included what three types of uncleanness? First lepers, then those with an issue and all defiled by a dead body. Sinners were in a sense separated until they […]

Numbers 3-4

Numbers 20 September 2023 Lesson: 3 Numbers 3:1-4:49 Organisation of the Priests and Levites Instruction for the Priests, Nu 3:1-4 Moses listed Aaron’s sons (v.2-3) Nadab and Abihu, who died before the LORD, are mentioned again as a reminder of the holiness of this office (cf., Lev 10:1-2). Instructions for the Levites, Nu 3:5-13 God […]