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Tested Till Broken – Genesis 44

Tested Till Broken 23 January 2022 PM – Genesis 44 – Gen2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: I have never broken a wild horse, but I have read about those who have. The rider must stay on that horse, though it bucks and kicks, until he breaks its stubborn will. The horse will be of no […]

Coping with Stress – Genesis 43

Coping with Stress 16 January 2022 PM – Genesis 43:1-34 – Gen2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: We live in stressful days. The Covid pandemic has caused great stress worldwide. It has made travel difficult. Some of you have lost your job because of it. Covid has claimed the lives of loved ones and friends. None […]

For Our Good – Genesis 42

For Our Good 9 January 2022 PM – Genesis 42 – Gen2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: Mephibosheth (2Sa 4), fell and broke his legs. He had no doctor to set them, and he was a cripple for the rest of his life. When a person breaks a leg, the doctor forces the bone back into […]

God is in Control! – Gen 41

God is in Control! 2 January 2022 PM – Genesis 41 – Ge2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: In Genesis 41, Pharaoh, King of Egypt, dreamed. The butler remembered and recommended Joseph. Joseph was called from prison to interpret. Pharaoh promoted Joseph to PM. Joseph preserved life, forgot his troubles and was fruitful. However, if we […]

Avoiding Despair – Genesis 40

Avoiding Despair 12 December 2021 PM – Genesis 40:1-23 – Gen2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: Hope is the opposite of despair. Despair is the sense that all hope is gone. “There are millions of African women who face despair over their plight at the hands of Islamic invaders who rape them, kill them, or take […]

Sin’s Consequences – Gen 38

Sin’s Consequences 28 November 2021 PM – Genesis 38 – Ge2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: The narrative of Genesis 38 probably began shortly before Joseph was sold to Egypt. Judah was 2-3 years older than Joseph. He must have married as a teenager before Joseph left home.             Though the details of this chapter are […]

Bitter Brothers – Genesis 37

Bitter Brothers 14 November 2021 PM – Genesis 37 – Gen2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: Jacob’s polygamy and subsequent favouring of Joseph, the son of his favourite wife, caused great turmoil in his family. Joseph’s ten older half-brothers resented him because dad always favoured him. Jacob even went so far as to give Joseph a […]

Grace for Bearing Burdens

Grace for Bearing Burdens 7 November 2021 PM – Genesis 35 – Gen2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: The Christian life is not a burden-free life. Christians get sick, get Covid, lose loved ones, suffer family problems, face work pressures, and have car troubles like everyone else. In fact, Christians carry the added burden of persecution. “Yea, […]

The Problem of Lust – Genesis 34

The Problem of Lust 31 October 2021 PM – Genesis 34 – Gen2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: At our last youth activity, I challenged the young people from (James 1:14-15) “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: […]