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Walk in the Spirit – Galatians 5:25

Walk in the Spirit 6 June 2021 AM – Galatians 5:25 – Holy Spirit – Scott Childs Introduction: If Melody told me, “Do not go into the kitchen”, my first reaction would be to say “Why?” If she answered, “I just mopped the floor.” That reason both informs me and motivates me. Read Gal 5:25. […]

Your View of God – Psalm 138:6

Your View of God 23 May 2021 AM – Psalm 138:6 – Humility – Scott Childs Introduction: Some people view God as a myth in which religious people find comfort. Many religious people believe in God, but only seek him in time of need. Often Christians have a head knowledge of who God is, but […]

Rejoice in the Lord – Philippians 4:4

Rejoice in the Lord 27 December 2020 AM – Philippians 4:4 – Joy – Scott Childs Introduction: The year was A. D. 62. Paul had been arrested for preaching the Gospel more than two years previously. He was presently a prisoner in Rome awaiting his trial. Though he hoped to be released, yet his situation […]

Preparing for Success – Joshua 1:8

Preparing for Success 13 December 2020 AM – Joshua 1:8 – Bible Study – Scott Childs Introduction: Moses had just died. Joshua was now the leader of the nation of Israel. He faced a huge task of leading Israel into the Promised Land and conquering the many enemies and difficulties ahead. Those challenges seemed overwhelming […]

Isaac & Rebekah’s Wedding – Gen 24:67

Isaac & Rebekah’s Wedding 1 November 2020 AM – Genesis 24:67 – Marriage – Scott Childs Introduction: Gary L. Thomas said, “A good marriage isn’t something you find; it’s something you make.” If you cannot call your marriage “good”, I hope that this sermon will be a help to you. If you have not yet been […]

Memorising God’s Word – Psalm 119:11

Memorising God’s Word 5 January 2020 PM – Psalm 119:11 – Scott Childs Introduction: Everyone can memorise. We memorise our address, our phone number, and our email address. Many have memorised the names and statistics of their sports heroes. People memorise words to music they like. Anything we repeat often enough, we memorise. Memorising Bible […]