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Who Will Enter God’s Kingdom?

Who Will Enter God’s Kingdom? 22 August 2021 AM – Matthew 25:14-46 – Parables21 – Scott Childs Introduction: Whether it be an aeroplane flight, a football stadium, or a commuter train, you cannot legally enter without a ticket. When it comes to entering the Millennial Kingdom of Christ, no one will enter without an entry […]

The Ten Virgins – Matthew 25:1-13

The Ten Virgins 15 August 2021 AM – Matthew 25:1-13 – Parables21 – Scott Childs Introduction: While patrolling the streets of his small town, Joe, a new police officer, gave a citation for every infraction he could find. When a car came rushing by, he immediately turned on his siren and lights and pulled over […]

Your “Pound” of Gospel – Luke 19:11-27

Your “Pound” of Gospel 8 August 2021 AM – Luke 19:11-27 – Parables21 – Scott Childs Introduction: Jesus was in Jericho. He had just dined with Zacchaeus the tax collector and led him to salvation. Excitement was building among Jesus’ followers. His disciples and followers anticipated that He was heading to Jerusalem to establish His […]

A Preview of Hell – Luke 16:19-31

A Preview of Hell 18 July 2021 AM – Luke 16:19-31 – Parables21 – Scott Childs Introduction: The debate still rages between evolutionists and creationists over the origin of life. However, evolution is illogical. Nothing is getting better including your body, your car, your home, the environment, and world politics. Things just do not get […]

Investing in Eternity – Luke 16:1-15

Investing in Eternity 4 July 2021 AM – Luke 16:1-15 – Parables21 – Scott Childs Introduction: Somebody defined money as, “an article which may be used as a universal passport to everywhere except heaven and as a universal provider of everything except happiness.” (Quoted by Wiersbe, The Bible Exposition Commentary, p.238). Money is not bad; […]

Joy in Heaven – Luke 15:1-32

Joy in Heaven 16 May 2021 AM – Luke 15:1-32 – Parables21 – Scott Childs Introduction: The Pharisees and scribes murmured against Jesus because He ministered to sinners. “Lost sinners came to Jesus, not because He catered to them or compromised His message, but because He cared for them.” (W. Wiersbe) To address this murmuring, […]