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The Gospel Hand

The Gospel Hand 28 May 2023 AM – John 3:16 – Witnessing – Scott Childs Introduction: One of the most frightening things for a Christian to do is to share the Gospel with others. We fear rejection. We fear not knowing what to say. We fear that we will make fools of ourselves. The bottom […]

Queen Abi (Mother’s Day)

Queen Abi 14 May 2023 AM – 2 Kings 18:2 – Mother’s Day – Scott Childs Introduction: How many of you know who the Bible character, Queen Abi, was? __ Few Christians know about, Queen Abi. Approximately 730 years before the time of Christ, the Bible introduces us to this young mother named Abi (or […]

Comfort, Hope & Peace – Romans 15:5, 13, 33

Comfort, Hope & Peace 23 April 2023 AM – Romans 15:5, 13, 33 – Rom2023 – Scott Childs Introduction: We live in a very troubled world. War, strife, greed, hatred, family conflicts, bitterness, sickness, joblessness, and guilt contribute to that trouble. People all around us long for comfort, hope and peace, yet they have none. […]

Choosing Friends – Psalm 101:6-7

Choosing Friends 16 April 2023 AM – Psalm 101:6-7 – Friends – Scott Childs Introduction: Abraham Kuyper said, “He is your friend who pushes you nearer to God.” That is a wise statement. We all know what happens if we leave a rotten apple in a box of good apples. All the surrounding apples will […]

Christianity’s Superiority – Romans 4:23-25

Christianity’s Superiority 9 April 2023 AM – Romans 4:23-25 – Resurrection – Scott Childs Introduction: Since the beginning of time, humans have sensed that there was a divine being to whom they must give account. The Bible mentions numerous deities and religions. Some even involved human sacrifices to appease the gods they feared. In many […]

Cultivating Harmony – Romans 15:1-6

Please note, the sermon was interrupted by an alarm going off 9 minutes into the sermon. We moved to the veranda and finished the service. Cultivating Harmony 2 April 2023 AM – Romans 15:1-6 – Series – Scott Childs Introduction: Is there ever a lack of harmony in your relationships with your spouse, your parents, […]

Be Sure Before Doing – Romans 14:22-23

Be Sure Before Doing 19 March 2023 AM – Romans 14:22-23 – Rom2023 – Scott Childs Introduction: During summer holidays while I was in Bible College, I worked for Lynn Degrow, an excellent carpenter. During those summer days, we built several houses from the ground up. There is an old saying that Lynn used to […]