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Interacting Biblically – Romans 12:16

Interacting Biblically 2 October 2022 AM – Romans 12:16 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: We regularly interact with other Christians. However, we do not always interact with others as the Lord desires. Transition: In our text this morning, the Apostle Paul addresses four responsibilities that Christians have in order to interact biblically. Our first […]

Christian Empathy – Romans 12.15

Christian Empathy 25 September 2022 AM – Romans 12:15 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: Most of us can remember a time as a child when we got hurt and Mum came to our rescue with tender empathy. Her hug and loving kiss could do wonders. Similarly, God calls every Christian to show Christian empathy […]

Meeting Needs – Romans 12:13

Meeting Needs 4 September 2022 AM – Romans 12:13 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: It is always a blessing to have a fellow-Christian offer help when we are in need emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually. God wants us to make it a habit to meet the needs of the saints. Transition: Read Romans 12:13. […]

Tips for Troubled Times – Romans 12:12

Tips for Troubled Times 28 August 2022 AM – Romans 12:12 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: We live in troubled times. The war in Ukraine is disturbing. China’s escalating threats to Taiwan are troubling. Some Australians fear that China may attack us. Political battles, corruption, and extreme political weakness in the USA is a […]

Serving Instructions – Rom 12:11

Serving Instructions 21 August 2022 AM – Romans 12:11 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: When you are having difficulty doing something you do not understand and someone gives you clear instructions that make the task easy to understand and do, that is exciting. Our text does just that. Read Romans 12:11. If you are […]

Learning to Love Right 1 – Rom 12:9

Learning to Love Right 1 7 August 2022 AM – Romans 12:9-10 – Rom22 – Scott Childs Introduction: People in our world have a distorted view of love. They love what God hates and hate what God loves. They think that love is a feeling. They call lust, love. They think that permissive parenting is […]

Practising God’s Will – Romans 12:3-8

Practising God’s Will 31 July 2022 AM – Romans 12:3-8 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: Beginning this chapter, Paul urged his readers to present their bodies as living sacrifices to God. Then, he commanded them not to allow themselves to be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by allowing God to renew […]