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God Exalts the Humble – Job 42

God Exalts the Humble 26 June 2022 PM – Job 42 – Job2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: In the horse and buggy days, a man was driving with his wife along a dangerous road. At a very narrow place, the wife became frightened and seized the rein nearest to her. Her husband quickly passed her […]

God’s Exceeding Power – Job 40-41

God’s Exceeding Power 19 June 2022 PM – Job 40-41 – Job2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: In Job 38-39, God questioned Job about his knowledge. God made it clear that Job’s knowledge about the physical world and about the animal world was very limited. God then asked Job if he was able to instruct the […]

Questions We Cannot Answer

Questions We Cannot Answer 12 June 2022 PM – Job 38-39 – Job2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: Job was distressed and becoming unstable. It seems that Satan almost accomplished his evil plot of getting Job to turn on God. Job longed to hear from God. God now answered him out of a whirlwind. Picture that […]

Isaiah’s Call – Isaiah 6:1-13

Isaiah’s Call 29 May 2022 PM – Isaiah 6:1-13 – Missions – Scott Childs Introduction: [CHART] By the time Isaiah came on the scene, the northern kingdom (Israel) was rapidly in decline, only a few years away from captivity. The southern kingdom (Judah) was heading in the same direction. Uzziah had been a good king […]

Mother’s Influence – Ezekiel 16:44

Mother’s Influence 8 May 2022 PM – Ezekiel 16:44 – Mother – Scott Childs Introduction: Listen to the words of this brief poem. “A careful mum I ought to be, for little children follow me. I do not dare to go astray, for fear they’ll go the self-same way.”             One of the best safeguard […]

Reflections – Job 29-31

Reflection 24 April 2022 PM – Job 29-31 – Job2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: Several months ago, I set about to reflect over events in my childhood and to record a series of short accounts for our grandchildren. I was amazed at the number of events that I recalled. Times of reflection can be very […]