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Better Choice – Hermit – Pro 21.9

Better Choice – Hermit 20 September 2020 PM – Proverbs 21:9 – BC20 – Scott Childs Introduction: Our text this evening is not alone in the book of Proverbs. Proverbs 25:24 is identical except for an added word “and”. Also, Proverbs 21:19 is very similar. Thus, we will consider all three of these verses together. […]

Doctrine for Older Women – Titus 2:3

Doctrine for Older Women 9 August 2020 AM – Titus 2:3 – Tit20 – Scott Childs Introduction: Every time a certain little boy went to a playmate’s house, he found the child’s grandmother reading her Bible. Finally, his curiosity got the better of him. “Why do you suppose your grandmother reads the Bible so much?” […]

Doctrine for Older Men – Titus 2:1-2

Doctrine for Older Men 2 August 2020 AM – Titus 2.1-2 – Tit20 – Scott Childs Introduction: As chapter 2 begins, Paul charges Titus to speak things that become (i.e., distinguish) sound (i.e., healthy) doctrine. Bible doctrine is not just something we are to learn; it is something we are to live in our daily […]

Our Guide and Goal – Titus 1:6-9

Our Guide and Goal 12 July 2020 AM – Titus 1:6-9 – Tit20 – Scott Childs Introduction: The Apostle Paul wrote the book of Titus to the missionary Titus. They shared a common faith in Christ, a common blessing from God and a common burden for the Christians on the Island of Crete. Titus had […]

Five Bad Neighbours – 1 Kings 15:25

Five Bad Neighbours 29 March 2020 PM – 1 Kings 15:25-16:28 – Kings20 – Scott Childs Introduction: Last week we studied good King Asa. During his 41 years as king of Judah, seven kings reigned in northern Israel. He began reigning at the very end of Jeroboam’s reign and died at the very beginning of […]