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Equipping the Saints

Equipping the Saints 28 May 2023 PM – Ephesians 4:11-12 – Witnessing – Scott Childs Introduction: What does God say is the primary duty of a pastor? __ Get several responses. Our text this evening, Ephesians 4:11-12, answers that question. He is to perfect the saints. The word translated perfect literally means to complete, to […]

The Gospel Hand

The Gospel Hand 28 May 2023 AM – John 3:16 – Witnessing – Scott Childs Introduction: One of the most frightening things for a Christian to do is to share the Gospel with others. We fear rejection. We fear not knowing what to say. We fear that we will make fools of ourselves. The bottom […]

Go Home to Your Friends – Mark 5:1-20

Go Home to Your Friends 12 March 2023 AM – Mark 5:1-20 – Friend Day – Scott Childs Introduction: Read Mark 5:1-20. [Use Map] The main character of this story was a demon-possessed man who lived near Gadara on the southeast corner of the Sea of Galilee. Mostly Gentiles lived in the Gadara region. For […]

Bible Basics 30 – Church Purpose

10/08/2022 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Church: Structure Review What church membership qualifications are found in Acts 2:41? Believed, baptised, added unto them What passage in Matthew instructs us on church discipline? Matthew 18:15-17 What church officers are listed in the Bible? Pastor, deacons (possibly evangelists) What biblical duties did the deacons have? Care for secular matters […]

Your “Pound” of Gospel – Luke 19:11-27

Your “Pound” of Gospel 8 August 2021 AM – Luke 19:11-27 – Parables21 – Scott Childs Introduction: Jesus was in Jericho. He had just dined with Zacchaeus the tax collector and led him to salvation. Excitement was building among Jesus’ followers. His disciples and followers anticipated that He was heading to Jerusalem to establish His […]

The Net and Householder – Mat 13.47-52

The Net and Householder 7 February 2021 AM – Matthew 13:47-52 – Parables21 – Scott Childs Introduction: Before Jesus returned to heaven, He commanded believers saying, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all […]

Sowing the Seed – Matthew 13.1-23

Sowing the Seed 10 January 2021 AM – Matthew 13:1-23 – Parables21 – Scott Childs Introduction: Read Matthew 13:10-17. The “mysteries of the kingdom” are the ages between Israel’s rejection of God’s kingdom and their full reception of God’s kingdom. Dwight Pentecost states, “Thus this new program began while Christ was still on the earth, […]

Not Ashamed of the Gospel – Romans 1:16

Not Ashamed of the Gospel 29 November 2020 AM – Romans 1:16 – Witnessing – Scott Childs Introduction: Alex Dunlap was the founder and director of The Conversion Center in Havertown, Pennsylvania USA which was a ministry and halfway house for converted Catholic Priests. He was very bold in his witness for the Lord. He […]