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Biblical Worldview of God – Colossians 2:8

Biblical Worldview of God 11 June 2023 AM – Colossians 2:8 – Col23 – Scott Childs Introduction: Why do scores of young people who attended church as children turn away from God when they leave home? Why are many Christians not sure what they think about origins, absolutes, morality, abortion, euthanasia, divorce, and gender issues? […]

God’s Exceeding Power – Job 40-41

God’s Exceeding Power 19 June 2022 PM – Job 40-41 – Job2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: In Job 38-39, God questioned Job about his knowledge. God made it clear that Job’s knowledge about the physical world and about the animal world was very limited. God then asked Job if he was able to instruct the […]

God is in Control! – Gen 41

God is in Control! 2 January 2022 PM – Genesis 41 – Ge2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: In Genesis 41, Pharaoh, King of Egypt, dreamed. The butler remembered and recommended Joseph. Joseph was called from prison to interpret. Pharaoh promoted Joseph to PM. Joseph preserved life, forgot his troubles and was fruitful. However, if we […]

Bible Basics 08 – God the Father

30/12/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review of God Being a Trinity The word “Trinity” is not found in the Bible, but it is used to describe the fact that God is three Persons in just one Being. Jehovah is the true, living, and everlasting God who made the earth and heavens (Gen 1:1). Jesus created all […]

Bible Basics 07 – Trinity

8/12/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review God the Divine Being Theism is the belief in the existence of a personal God who is the Creator, Preserver, and Ruler of all things. To understand fully the nature and existence of God is an impossible task for us in this life. Elmer Towns What does Romans 1:20 teach […]

Bible Basics 06 – God

1/12/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Dispensational Review GOD THE DIVINE BEING Can man know God? If so, what is God like? Introduction to Our God ▰ Theology is the name for the study of the doctrine of God. ▰ The fundamental fact of Theology is that there is a God. ▰ Theism is the belief in […]

God Cares! – 1 Peter 5:6-7

God Cares! 29 August 2021 PM – 1 Peter 5:6-7 – Burdens – Scott Childs Introduction: On Thursday, as I was praying for a friend who has an illness, the Holy Spirit rebuked me for not believing more confidently that God really cares. He reminded me that God really loves my friend more than I […]

Our Reliable God – Genesis 21

Our Reliable God 25 July 2021 PM – Genesis 21 – Gen2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: When I was in Bible College, I owned an old v8 Chevrolet car. It was not fancy, but it was reliable. I remember one winter Sunday morning when the temperature had dropped to -37° C, my reliable old Chevy […]