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Your View of God – Psalm 138:6

Your View of God 23 May 2021 AM – Psalm 138:6 – Humility – Scott Childs Introduction: Some people view God as a myth in which religious people find comfort. Many religious people believe in God, but only seek him in time of need. Often Christians have a head knowledge of who God is, but […]

Godliness Threatened – 2 Kings 18-20

Godliness Threatened 5 July 2020 PM – 2Kings 18-20 – Kings20 – Scott Childs Introduction: Hezekiah was a very godly king during one of the darkest periods of Judah’s history. Living a godly life in an ungodly world has always been like paddling a canoe upstream in a rapid-flowing river. It is hard work and […]

Pride’s Price – 2 Chronicles 26

Pride’s Price 31 May 2020 PM – 2 Chronicles 26 – Kings20 – Scott Childs Welcome: Welcome to our Sunday evening online church service. Prayer Introduction: The story is told about a clever salesman who closed hundreds of sales with this line: “Let me show you something several of your neighbours said you couldn’t afford.” […]

Steps to Ruin – 1 Kings 12:1

Steps to Ruin 8 March 2020 PM – 1Kings 12:1 – Kings20 – Scott Childs Introduction: Rehoboam became the fourth king of Israel when he was 41 years old (1Ki 14:21). He reigned 17 years. He was the son of Solomon and Naamah who was an Ammonitess. Yes, his mother was one of Solomon’s strange […]