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Joseph the Carpenter – Matthew 1:18-25

Joseph the Carpenter 19 December 2021 AM – Matthew 1:18-25 – Christmas – Scott Childs Introduction: Joseph of Nazareth was a carpenter, the son of a carpenter. Nazareth was a small hillside village in northern Israel, west of the Sea of Galilee. Though he was poor, the carpenter Joseph probably crafted doors, windows, cabinets, furniture […]

Much More to Come! – Romans 5:6-11

Much More to Come! 12 December 2021 AM – Romans 5:6-11 – Ro2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: Perhaps you have received a gift in which was another gift, in which was yet another gift. With opening each gift, the excitement grew. There was more to come. Transition: When a sinner who trusts Christ to save […]

Benefits of Justification – Romans 5:1-5

Benefits of Justification 5 December 2021 AM – Romans 5:1-5 – Ro2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: We all like to know the benefits of supplements, benefits of insurance policies, benefits of certain diets and benefits of electing a candidate. As Paul begins Romans 5, he builds on the word justified. The word, therefore (Ro 5:1), […]

Moralists Need God’s Righteousness

Moralists Need God’s Righteousness 7 November 2021 AM – Romans 2:1-16 – Ro2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: In Romans 1:18-32, we learned that humanists are not righteous and need God’s righteousness. That was not difficult for us to grasp about God rejecters, but what about the good people in our world who do not reject […]

Humanists Need God’s Righteousness – Romans 1:18-32

Humanists Need God’s Righteousness 31 October 2021 AM – Romans 1:18-32 – Ro2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: Last week we noted that only God is intrinsically righteous (i.e., completely sinless, faultless). On the other hand, all humans are intrinsically unrighteous sinners. Only God, through the Gospel can apply His righteousness to repentant sinners.             Is […]

Righteousness of God – Romans 1:8-17

Righteousness of God 24 October 2021 AM – Romans 1:8-17 – Ro2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: In Romans 1:8, Paul continues his introduction to the book of Romans. He thanked God for the faith of the Roman believers (v.8). He assured them of his unceasing prayers for them (v.9). He let them know that he […]