Benefits of Justification – Romans 5:1-5

Benefits of Justification 5 December 2021 AM – Romans 5:1-5 – Ro2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: We all like to know the benefits of supplements, benefits of insurance policies, benefits of certain diets and benefits of electing a candidate. As Paul begins Romans 5, he builds on the word justified. The word, therefore (Ro 5:1), […]

Sin’s Consequences – Gen 38

Sin’s Consequences 28 November 2021 PM – Genesis 38 – Ge2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: The narrative of Genesis 38 probably began shortly before Joseph was sold to Egypt. Judah was 2-3 years older than Joseph. He must have married as a teenager before Joseph left home.             Though the details of this chapter are […]

Bible Basics 05 – Dispensations

24/11/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review of the Bible’s Preservation Original Bible manuscripts are called autographs Making copies of the original manuscripts began when? during Moses’ day We have about _______ surviving manuscripts or portions of manuscripts of the NT. The Byzantine or Majority text has the support of about ___% of the surviving manuscripts. It […]

Bible Basics 04 – The Bible’s Preservation

17/11/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review the Canonicity of the Bible Canonization has to do with determining which books deserve the designation of “Scripture” and ought to be included in the Bible. Every God-inspired Book was part of the biblical canon the moment God had it written down. God knew what He Inspired! The main criteria […]

Bitter Brothers – Genesis 37

Bitter Brothers 14 November 2021 PM – Genesis 37 – Gen2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: Jacob’s polygamy and subsequent favouring of Joseph, the son of his favourite wife, caused great turmoil in his family. Joseph’s ten older half-brothers resented him because dad always favoured him. Jacob even went so far as to give Joseph a […]