Ages 10 and Under

If you have children that are ten years old or younger, we would like to have them attend our Sunday school.  Melody Childs is our teacher.  She has college degrees in Bible and teaching and is an excellent teacher.

Our Sunday school meets during the Sunday morning service. Children join the adults for the opening part of the services including song time and announcements. Then before the adults listen to the sermon, the children are dismissed to their Sunday school class.

  • During class the children will sing Bible songs on their level.
  • They will hear a Bible story that is illustrated with pictures on a flannel board.
  • Each story is applied to build character in their lives and to challenge them to live to please God.
  • They will learn a Bible verse.
  • Usually they also receive a picture relating to the story that they can colour in.

For your child’s safety and your peace of mind, Melody and all of our youth workers have Western Australia Working With Children Cards.