Here are several web links that we have found to be helpful. We do not necessarily endorse everything on each site.

About Australia

Audio Sermon Source

Bible Study Helps

  • Remember Me
    This is a great Bible verse memorization program designed for Android. I highly recommend it.
  • The Word
    Here is another GREAT Bible program and it is free. It has many features that the Online Bible does not have, but the Online Bible has a few that it does not have. Both programs are well worth having.
  • For The Love of the Family
    Pastor Terry Coomer is an Independent Baptist with a counseling ministry. He has many very helpful articles. One of the best is called “How to have a Real Relationship with God.”
  • Precept Austin
    This site offers conservative commentaries on many books of the Bible.
  • Children’s Bible Lessons
    Here you will find free lessons on hundreds of Bible stories. We do not necessarily indorse everything on this site, but much of it is helpful.

Creation vs Evolution

  • Center for Scientific Creation  This is another good resource for creation information and evidence. Because of the vast amount of information, we cannot necessarily endorse all of it.

Ministry Aids

  • Camp and Youth Activities
    This site contains many activity ideas for groups of young people.
  • Sunday School Pictures
    This is a collection of many Sunday School pictures that can be printed for use. They include stories. We cannot endorse all of it, but much is very good.


World Wide Missions

  • Baptist World Mission
    A mission agency that expresses biblical, baptistic, and separatist convictions in doctrine and practice, with the goal of aiding missionaries and local churches that support them. Located in Decatur, Alabama.