This schedule divides the entire Bible into daily readings with several options.  If you read the Psalm/Proverbs, Full Old Testament, and Full New Testament you will get through the entire Bible in a year and Psalms and Proverbs more than once.

For a shorter version substitute the Part Old Testament reading for the Full Old Testament reading.

This whole year schedule can be printed page by page or as a booklet through Adobe Reader.  In the Adobe Reader print screen, under “Page Scaling” select “booklet.”  Select “front side only” under “booklet subset”.  Print.  Then reverse pages and select “back side only” and print.

If you don’t have a long necked stapler to bind the booklet, you may want to print just one month at a time.  If so, locate the page numbers for the month you want to print (for example, February is pages 5-8).  In Adobe print screen, set the pages to be printed then follow the instructions for whole year print.  Be SURE that you set the pages again before you print the second side as Adobe resets the pages to ALL.

If you have never printed a booklet, you might want to practice on a smaller file first to learn the page arrangements. Click here for a four page practice booket.

When you are ready, click here for a pdf to print Bible Reading booklet.