Our church supports two missionaries in Africa.

  • The Otutie family are ministering in Ghana, West Africa.
  • The Herringson family desire to minister in Mauritius an island east of Africa.

We also support two missionary families in Papua New Guinea.

  • Papua New Guinea is located in the South Pacific just north of Australia.  Our missionaries are starting and strengthening Baptist churches in the mountainous regions of that country.
  • For more information about Papua New Guinea click here.

Emmanuel and Victoria Otutei & family

Emmanuel and Victoria and their children are native to Ghana and are working to plant a church in the town of Anamabo.

James and Cindy Herringson & family

James and Cyndi Herringson are our missionaries to Mauritius. They are presently preaching via Zoom while waiting on visas.

Chris and Sarah Dagan & boys

Chris and Sarah and their four boys are ministering in Papua New Guinea. They have just moved to a village called Wau. In Wau, there is an established Bible school in which Chris will be teaching. There are other fellowships in the surrounding area that can only be hiked to that need visiting. Wau has ample surrounding villages to start new churches.

Benjamin and Lauren Childs & girls

Benjamin and Lauren are independent Baptist missionaries in Papua New Guinea.  Benjamin spent seven years in Papua New Guinea as a youth. In May 2010 he and his family arrived in the country. They are living in the village of Tirokave, Eastern Highlands Province.

They are starting a Baptist church in their village and reaching out to the villagers with the gospel message of salvation.

To subscribe to Benjamin and Lauren’s missionary prayer letter, write them an email and request to be added to their list.

Their home in the village
Church congregation
Good News Baptist Church in Tirokave