Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

Turn any negative descriptions into positive principles. Look up the meaning of any descriptive words that you may not know. Note that the “strange woman” mentioned in Proverbs is not one who is weird but any woman who is not one’s wife, and usually one with lose morals.

Wives strive for these qualities that you might be all that God wants you to be as a wife. Young ladies ask God to help you develop these qualities in your life that you might make the best wife possible for your future husband. Husbands use this list to help you know what God wants you to cultivate in your wife’s life. Young men use the list as a guide to help you find the kind of wife that God commends.

1. Describe good qualities of a wife as found in Proverbs. When the verse describes a negative characteristic describe the opposite.

1a) Pr 2:16 6:24 7:5

1b) Pr 5:3

1c) Pr 6:24

1d) Pr 7:10

1e) Pr 9:13

1f) Pr 11:16

1g) Pr 11:22

1h) Pr 12:4

1i) Pr 14:1

1j) Pr 18:22

1k) Pr 19:13

1l) Pr 19:14

1m) Pr 21:9 25:24

1n) Pr 21:19 27:15

1o) Pr 30:23

1p) Pr 31:10

1q) Pr 31:30

2. Describe good qualities of a wife as found in other Scriptures

2a) Col 3:18 We will learn more about the wife’s role in another study.

2b) 1Ti 2:9-10

2c) 1Ti 2:12

2d) 1Ti 5:14

2e) Tit 2:3

2f) Tit 2:4

2g) Tit 2:5

Good Advice for Those Looking for a Godly Wife

In his book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris includes a helpful chapter entitled What Matters At Fifty? In the chapter he looks at the character qualities and attitudes important in a spouse.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Keep your eyes wide open before marriage half shut afterward.”