Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

Because many of the world’s amusements (TV, videos, arcades, beaches, parties, etc.) are tainted by ungodliness it is vitally important that Christians carefully evaluate their amusements before participating. Not all that is “fun” is spiritually uplifting and glorifying to God. Consider the following.

1. Will people be there who will be a bad influence on me?

1a) Pr 14:7

1b) Jer 10:2

1c) 2Co 6:14-17

1d) Eph 5:6-8

2. Will the atmosphere hinder my Christian life?

2a) Ps 1:1

2b) Eph 5:11

3. Does God warn me against it?

3a) Pr 4:14-15

3b) Pr 9:6

3c) Pr 23:31

4. Will it cause me to see things that would displease God?

4a) Ps 101:3

4b) Ps 119:37

5. Will the music played dishonour God and hinder me spiritually?

5a) Ps 40:3

5b) Pr 19:27

5c) Eph 5:19

6. Can I honestly say that God would call it acceptable?

6a) Ps 19:14

6b) Eph 5:10

6c) Php 1:10

6d) 1Th 5:21

7. Can I bring glory to God while doing it?

7a) 1Co 10:31

7b) Col 3:17

8. Might it make it easier for me to sin?

8a) Ro 13:14

9. If after carefully sifting the amusement through the above grid of Scripture you are still unsure, consider one last principle

1Th 5:22.