Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

Angry words often get us into a lot of trouble that we could avoid if we would think before we speak. We also say things that we don’t really mean when we are angry. However, anger is not always bad. We need to be angry with sin. Jesus got angry with sin. We must ask God to help us not direct or anger at people but at sin.

Some people have a shorter fuse than others. They blow up over every little thing that does not go their way. This is fueled by a self-centred attitude, and it is sinful. Whether you get angry quickly or slowly, all anger must be dealt with God’s way.

1. Facts About Anger

1a) Pr 12:16

1b) Pr 14:17

1c) Pr 14:29

1d) Pr 19:11

1e) Pr 19:19

1f) Pr 27:3

1g) Pr 27:4

1h) Pr 29:22

1i) Tit 1:7

1j) Jas 1:20

2. Commands Regarding Anger

2a) Ps 37:8

2b) Pr 29:11

2c) Ec 7:9

2d) Mt 5:22

2e) Ro 12:19

2f) Eph 4:26

2g) Eph 4:31-32

2h) Col 3:8

2i) Jas 1:19

3. Evaluate the verses you have studied above and list three things God wants you to do to control your temper.