Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

Every Christian struggles with the lusts of the flesh. Lust is another word for “wrong desires.” Sometimes we strggle with sensual lusts. Other times we are lured by the lust for worldly music, worldly dress, or acceptance by unsaved peers. We may lust for money, popularity, pleasure or prosperity. Sinful lust is any desire for anything that does not please God.

1. Write principles from God’s commands about lust

1a) 2Ti 2:22

1b) 1Co 6:18

1c) 1Ti 6:10-11

1d) 1Pe 2:11

1e) Mt 5:28

2. What responsibility does a woman have in relation to the above verse?

3. What principles do these verses teach about overcoming lusts?

3a) Ps 119:9

3b) Ps 119:11

3c) Ec 11:9

3d) Ro 6:13

3e) Ro 12:1

3f) Ro 12:2

3g) Ro 13:14

3h) 1Co 9:27

3i) 1Co 10:13

3j) Ga 5:16

3k) Ga 5:17

3l) Ga 5:24

3m) Jas 4:7

3n) 1Pe 5:8-9

3o) 1Jo 2:15

3p) 1Jo 2:16

4. What promise does God give the Christian in 1Jo 4:4?

5. If we have lusted what should we do? Pr 28:13