Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

1. What hospitality did the following people offer?

1a) Abraham Ge 18:4

1b) Lot Ge 19:2

1c) Laban Ge 24:31

1d) Reuel (Jethro) Ex 2:20

1e) Manoah Jud 13:15

1f) Shunemite woman 2Ki 4:8

1g) Job Job 31:32

1h) Martha Lu 10:38

1i) Lydia Ac 16:15

1j) Philippian jailor Ac 16:34

1k) Local people on Malta Ac 28:2

2. Who were some of the people who where hospitible to Jesus?

2a) Mt 9:10

2b) Mr 14:3

2c) Lu 7:36

2d) Lu 14:1

2e) Lu 19:1-7

3. What do the following verses instruct us about hospitality?

3a) Ro 12:13

3b) 1Ti 3:2

3c) 1Th 5:10

3d) Tit 1:8

3e) Heb 13:2

3f) Heb 13:16

3g) 1Pe 4:9

4. What kind of attitude should we have when showing hospitality?

4a) 2Co 9:7

4b) Php 2:14

4c) Jas 5:9

5. To whom should we not forget to be hospitible towards? Lu 14:12-13