Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

1. How did the following people show humility before the Lord?

1a) Jacob in his prayer Ge 32:10

1b) King Saul before anointed king 1Sa 9:21

1c) King David 2Sa 7:18

1d) King Solomon 1Ki 3:7

1e) John the Baptist speaking to Jesus Mt 3:14

1f) The Centurion Mt 8:8

1g) The Syrophenician Woman when Jesus called her a dog Mt 15:27

1h) Paul 1Ti 1:15

2. How did the following people Humble themselves before Men?

2a) Joseph before Pharaoh Ge 41:16

2b) David before Saul 1Sa 18:18

2c) David before Saul 1Sa 24:14

2d) Daniel before Nebuchadnezzar Da 2:30

3. What does God tell us we ought to do regarding humility?

3a) Mic 6:8

3b) Lu 14:10

3c) Lu 22:26

3d) Ro 11:20

3e) Ro 12:3

3f) Php 2:5

3g) Jas 4:10

3h) 1Pe 5:5

4. What general principles do you learn from these verses regarding humility?

4a) Ps 138:6

4b) Pr 16:19

4c) Pr 22:4

4d) Pr 29:23

4e) Isa 66:2

4f) Mt 18:4

4g) Lu 9:48

4h) Lu 14:11

4i) Lu 18:14

4j) Jas 4:6

4k) 1Pe 5:5