Christians ought to be among the kindest people in the world. Not only have they received the kindness of God at salvation but God has changed their hearts and given them of his nature.

A definition of the Greek word translated “kind” in our Bible is, “mild, pleasant (as opp. to harsh, hard sharp, bitter).” —Online Bible Lexicon The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines kind as “affectionate, loving; of a sympathetic or helpful nature; of a forbearing nature: gentle; of a kind to give pleasure or relief”

Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

1. What did the following people do to show kindness?

1a) Joseph Ge 50:21

1b) Moses Ex 2:17

1c) Boaz Ru 2:16

1d) David 2Sa 9:1

1e) The Good Samaritan Lu 10:34

1f) The Philippian jailer Ac 16:33

1g) The Barbarians Ac 28:2

2. How is the kindness of God described?

2a) Joe 2:13

2b) Jon 4:2

2c) Lu 6:35

3. What principles about kindness do we find in these verses?

3a) Pr 19:22 (What makes the man desirable?)

3b) Pr 31:26

3c) Ro 12:10

3d) 1Co 13:4

3e) 2Co 6:1-6

3f) Eph 4:32

3g) Col 3:12

3h) 2Pe 1:5-7

4. After filling in the above, list four ways in which you ought to show kindness to others.