Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

When God warns Christians of the need to overcome the world he is not speaking of the globe but of the evil activities, language and dress of this heathen world. Worldly is essentially the opposite of godly.

1. What are some of God’s commands concerning worldliness?

1a) Ro 12:2

1b) 2Co 6:17

1c) 2Co 7:1

1d) Col 3:1-2

1e) Col 3:5

1f) Jas 1:27

1g) 1Pe 1:14-16

1h) 1Jo 2:15

1i) According to 1Jo 2:16, what are the things of the world that we are not to love?




1j) Read 1Jo 2:15-17 then list three reasons (one from each verse) why we are not to love the world.




2. Why is it important that Christians overcome the world?

2a) Mt 6:24

2b) Ro 8:7

2c) Jas 4:4

3. Where are we to get the ability to overcome the world?

3a) Ps 119:9

3b) Ps 119:11

3c) Ro 8:37

3d) Ro 12:21

3e) 1Co 15:57

3f) Ga 5:16-17

3g) Tit 2:11-14

3h) Jas 4:7-8

3i) 1Jo 4:4

3j) 1Jo 5:4