Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

Prayer is a HUGE subject in the Bible. Certainly more than we can thoroughly cover in one Bible study. But our goal is to learn some of the key principles that will help us in the area of prayer.

1. What is prayer? How is prayer defined in the following verses?

1a) Ex 32:11

1b) 1Sa 1:15

1c) 2Ch 32:20

1d) Job 8:5

1e) Ps 73:28

1f) Eph 3:14

2. When should we pray?

2a) Ps 55:17

1b) 1Th 5:17

3. How should we NOT pray?

3a) Mt 6:7

3b) Mt 23:14

4. What are some of the specified causes of failure in prayer?

4a) De 1:43-45

4b) Ps 66:18

4c) Pr 21:13

4d) Pr 28:9

4e) Isa 59:1-2

4f) Zec 7:11-13

4g) Jas 1:6,7

4h) Jas 4:3

5. If we are right with God, why does He sometimes not answer as we want?

5a) 2Co 12:8-9

5b) 1Jo 5:14-15

6. What is one of the most common reasons that we do not receive from God?

6a) Jas 4:2

Here are several things that may help to improve your prayer time with the Lord.

1. Have a specific time each day when you pray.

2. Have a private place where you go to pray.

3. Include: Confession, worship, supplication (personal requests), intercession (requests for others), and thanksgiving.

4. Pray transparently (from the depths of your heart)

5. Use a list to aid your memory

6. Pray specifically

7. Keep a list of specific answers