Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

1. God wants us to totally surrender our lives to Him. In what ways did the following Bible characters evidence total surrender?

1a) Noah Ge 6:22

1b) Caleb and Joshua Nu 32:12

1c) Elisha 1Ki 19:20

1d) Josiah and his Subjects 2Ki 23:3 23:25

1e) Job Job 1:21

1f) David Ps 40:8

1g) Isaiah Isa 6:8

1h) Christ Joh 4:34

1i) Paul (at salvation) Ac 9:6

1j) Paul the Apostle Php 3:7,8

2. What are Christians to present to God as a mark of true surrender to God? Ro 12:1

3. How are Christians to present themselves to God? Ro 12:2




4. What does surrender require that a Christian NOT be? Ro 12:2

5. Instead, what IS a surrendered Christian to do? Ro 12:2

6. What three things will a surrendered Christian prove (by experience) about the will of God? Ro 12:2

7. Looking at it from a different perspective, what did Jesus say that surrender required? Lu 9:23




8. If we are truly surrendered to God, what ought our heart’s desire be?

8a) Ps 19:14

8b) Ps 86:11

8c) Col 3:1-5

8d) Jas 4:15