Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

The English word “temperance” conveys the idea of moderation.  The word in the Bible conveys more the idea of self-control.  Note principles in the following verses that pertain to self-control.

1Co 7:9 {cannot contain}

1Co 9:25

Ga 5:22-23

Tit 1:8

Tit 2:2

2Pe 1:5-6

The virtue of temperance is described elsewhere in the Bible as well though often not specified as such.  In what areas of self-control did the following people fail?

Eve Ge 3:6

Cain Ge 4:5-8

Achan Jos 7:20-21

Samson Jud 16:1,4

The reason that self-control is needed is because our flesh desires things that God says are bad or harmful for us.  God wants us to force ourselves to do right even when we don’t want to.  That is self-control. Without self-control we will do things that later we will regret.  Now let’s note some of the areas in which we need self-control.

Ge 6:5

Pr 4:14

Pr 4:23

Pr 4:24

Pr 4:25

Pr 4:26

Pr 13:20

Pr 23:2

Pr 23:31

1Ti 2:9

2Ti 2:22

Make a list of other areas which need self-control in our lives.