Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

Before we can walk in the Spirit we must establish what it means. Albert Barnes in his commentary says to walk in the spirit is to “Live under the influences of the Holy Spirit. Do not resist him, but yield to all his suggestions.”

1. What must be true before a person can possibly walk in the Spirit?

1a) Ro 8:9

1b) Eph 1:13

1c) Did the above verses say that a person has to do anything besides trusting Christ for salvation to get the Holy Spirit? ______ If so, what?

2. What evidence of the Holy Spirit’s presence will be in a Christian’s life?

2a) Joh 16:13

2b) Ro 8:14

2c) 1Co 2:14-15

2d) Ga 5:22-23

3. What principles do we learn about walking in the Spirit?

3a) Ga 5:16

3b) Ga 5:17

3c) If a Christian does not walk in the Spirit, what do the above verses say he is doomed to do?

3d) What did the Apostle Paul say about the struggle he experienced between the old and the new nature within him? Ro 7:15,19

3e) What happens when a Christian chooses to obey his flesh instead of obeying the Holy Spirit? Eph 4:30

3f) Ga 5:24

3g) Ga 5:25 In your principle, be sure to include the difference between living and walking in the Spirit.

4. Principles about being filled with the Spirit

4a) Being filled with the Spirit is virtually the same thing as walking in the Spirit. What parallel might being drunk have with being filled with the Spirit Eph 5:18?

4b) What evidence will be present in a person’s life when he is filled with the Spirit?

4b1) Eph 5:19

4b2) Eph 5:20

4b3) Eph 5:21

4c) How does the following parallel passage describe the filling of the Spirit? Col 3:16

God wants all Christians to walk in the Spirit and he longs to fill them with the Spirit. However, they must first flee from sin. The more sin they get out of their lives the more full the Spirit can fill them and the closer they can walk with the Holy Spirit.