Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

1. We can learn a lot about the wife’s role from the creation of the first woman, Eve. What are two roles of a wife mentioned in Ge 2:18?



2. The two words “help meet” are key words about a wife’s role. They refer to a suitable helper, a counterpart, or a completer. In your own words, how should a wife be a “help meet” to her husband?

3. Prior to sin Adam and Eve lived together in perfect harmony. After the fall they both struggled for leadership but whom did God appoint as the leader? Ge 3:16

4. Starting with God, what is the order of leadership that God appointed? 1Co 11:3

4a) Review the above verse. Does having a leader over us make us any less of a person?

4b) Why or why not?

5. What did God say a wife was to do? Eph 5:22

6. The word submit literally means “to arrange yourself in rank under.” List four ways found in the following verses that a wife should arrange herself under her husband’s leadership.

6a) Eph 5:22

6b) Eph 5:24

6c) Eph 5:24

6d) Col 3:18

7. What ought a godly wife ought to strive to be? Pr 19:14 Also, what does this mean?

8. What is another role of a wife? Eph 5:33

8a) What do you believe the above command means?

8b) Look up the Greek word phobeo if you are able and define it.

9. List at least three ways in which a wife can show this respect to her husband.




10. What are the eight duties that God wants young wives to learn? Tit 2:4-5









11. According to Tit 2:5, why does God want young wives to learn these duties?

12. Many husbands do not know the intimate needs of their wives. Yet God commands the husband in 1Pe 3:7 to dwell with her according to knowledge. What should a thoughtful wife do to help her husband with this?

13. Peter gives wives another reason for submitting to their husbands. What is it? 1Pe 3:1-2

14. What does God forbid a wife to do? 1Co 7:10

15. If she leaves her husband anyway, what are her biblical options? 1Co 7:11

Summing up what God has said about the wife’s role, He said that she is to be a submissive completer. She is to work with her husband as a team mate to help him accomplish all that God wants him to do. These roles are to be done with love and respect for her husband.