Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

Are you frequently wanting more than God has given you? Are you bitter about the physical condition God has allowed in your life? When a friend gets something new, do you long to get one too? Do you find yourself buying bigger and better things even when you cannot afford to pay cash for them? If so, you need to ask God to make you content.

1. Read the following verses and then discribe the common end of discontent.

1a) Nu 11:1

1b) Jos 7:21

1c) 1Co 10:10

2. What principles does God give us regarding contentment?

2a) Ps 37:16

2b) Pr 15:16

2c) Pr 16:8

2d) Pr 30:8-9

2e) Ec 5:10

2f) Mt 6:25-33

2g) Lu 3:14

2h) Ro 8:28

2i) 2Co 4:17-18

2j) 2Co 12:9

2k) Php 1:21

2l) Php 4:11

2m) Col 3:1-3

2n) 1Ti 6:6

2o) 1Ti 6:7

2p) 1Ti 6:8

2q) 1Ti 6:9

2r) 1Ti 6:10

2s) Heb 10:34 Note that “spoil” means to “take away.” In this verse it is during persecution.

2t) Heb 13:5

3. Instead of dwelling on the things we don’t have, what should we do? Ps 68:19