Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

The word “edify” means “to build up.” God wants Christians to build up each other and those who are around them. Christians can edify with their words, their attitude, their manners, their testimony, and their actions. Unfortunately, the old nature that still resides in every Christian tends to tear down instead of build up. Thus, striving to always edify is a virtue that every Christian needs to add to his life.

1. What principles do these verses teach us about edifying others?

1a) Ro 14:19

1b) Ro 15:2

1c) 1Co 8:1

1d) 1Co 10:23

1e) 1Co 14:26

1f) Eph 4:12

1f1) God gave pastors and other leaders to a local church to prepare Christians for God’s work so they could edify who?

1g) Eph 4:29

1h) 1Th 5:11

1i) 1Ti 1:4

2. Another word that is closely related to edifying is the word “exhort.” Exhort means “to call to one’s side, to console, to encourage and strengthen by consolation, to comfort” Note what Christians are to exhort others to do in order to build them up.

2a) Ac 14:22

2b) 1Th 2:11

2c) 2Th 3:12

2d) 1Ti 2:1

2e) 1Ti 4:13

2f) Tit 2:9

2g) Jude 1:3

3. List at least three ways that God wants you to edify others.