Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

The word “frugal” is not found in the Bible but the principle of frugality is. Look up the word “frugal” in a dictionary and write the definition below.

1. What did Joseph do that was frugal? Ge 41:35-36

2. What did Jesus command to do that was also frugal? Joh 6:12

3. What significance do you think there is in the fact that this command was listed in all of the Gospels and was even repeated by Jesus before his disciples Mr 8:19-20?

4. What do we read in the following verses about wasting what God has provided?

4a) Pr 12:27

4b) Pr 18:9

4c) Pr 21:20

4d) Lu 15:13

4e) Lu 16:1

5. What does counting the cost have to do with being frugal? Lu 14:28

6. Though God wants us to be frugal, he does not want us to be dishonest to save money. What do the following verses teach about this?

6a) Pr 20:14

6b) 1Th 4:6

7. Read Pr 31:10-31 and list at least four examples of frugality found in the discription of the virtuous woman. Note the reference with each example.





Examples: Here are a few examples of ways we can be frugal in our daily lives: buy sales, don’t use credit, use all leftovers, make things home-made, buy second-hand whenever quality is good, shop around for the best buy, don’t insist on name-brands, dress to please the Lord not peer styles.

8. List at least three more practical ways you can be frugal.