Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

1. What are some of the things you can do to glorify God?

1a) Ps 22:23

1b) Ps 138:5

1c) Mt 5:16

1d) Joh 14:13

1e) Joh 15:8

1f) Joh 21:17-19

1g) Ro 15:6

1h) 1Co 6:20

1i) 1Pe 4:16

2. Why did people in the following verses glorify God?

2a) Mt 15:31

2b) Lu 13:11-13

2c) Lu 17:12-15

2d) Lu 18:43

2e) Lu 23:46-47

2f) Joh 11:1-4

2g) Ac 4:21-22

2h) Ac 11:18

2i) Ro 15:9

2j) Re 4:11

3. What command does God give us concerning glorifying God?

3a) Ps 29:2

3b) 1Co 10:31

4. What does God say about his right to glory?

4a) Isa 42:8

5. What does God warn concerning glorying?

5a) Jer 9:23-24

6. What will even unbelievers do one day to glorify God?

6a) Php 2:11