Look up each of the verses below and write down Bible principles that you can learn from them about this virtue. A “principle” is a “truth you can live by.”

The Bible does not explicitly condemn gambling, but gambling does violate several major themes in Scripture.

1. What is the major motivation for gambling?

1a) Pr 15:27

1b) Pr 23:4

1c) 1Ti 6:10

2. What does God say about coveting?

2a) Ex 20:17

2b) Lu 12:14

2c) Col 3:5

2d) Heb 13:5

3. What does God teach us about being content?

3a) Pr 15:16

3b) 1Ti 6:6

3c) 1Ti 6:7

3d) 1Ti 6:8

3e) 1Ti 6:9

4. How do the following verses describe gambling?

4a) Pr 13:11

4b) Pr 22:16 (in the light of family needs)

4c) Pr 28:22

5. What do the following verses say about saving for the future?

5a) Ge 41:35

5b) Pr 13:22

5c) Pr 21:20

5d) Mt 6:20

5e) Lu 12:21

5f) Joh 6:12

5g) 2Co 12:14

6. What general principles from the following verses can apply to money matters?

6a) 1Co 10:31

6b) 1Co 10:32

6c) 1Co 10:33

• For more good information on this subject read the chapter “Is Gambling Wrong?” in Larry Burkett’s book Using Your Money Wisely.