18/01/2023 Wednesday
Exhortation to return to God and promise of blessing
Chapter 14
OUTLINE OF HOSEA The Ryrie Study Bible
1. The Prodigal Wife, 1:1-3:5
A. Her Unfaithfulness, 1:1-11
B. Her Punishment, 2:1-13
C. Her Restoration and Israel’s, 2:14-23
D. Her Redemption, 3:1-5
2. The Prodigal People, 4:1-14:9
A. The Message of Judgment, 4:1-10:15
1. The indictment, 4:1-19
2. The verdict, 5:1-15
3. The plea of Israel, 6:1-3
4. The reply of the Lord, 6:4-11
5. The crimes of Israel, 7:1-16
6. The prophecy of judgment, 8:1-10:15
B. The Message of Restoration, 11:1-14:9
1. God’s love for the prodigal people, 11:1-11
2. God’s chastisement of the prodigal people, 11:12-13:16
3. God’s restoration of the prodigal people, 14:1-9
Exhortation to Return to God
• Hosea 14:1-3
• God urged Israel to return (v.1).
• He reminded them that they had fallen because of their sin.
• He urged them to speak to the Lord, turn to Him, ask for cleansing, and ask for restoration (v.2). They would render the
calves of their lips (i.e., instead of sacrificing calves, they would offer sacrifice of praise).
• These are the steps of true repentance.
• Previously, they had turned to Asshur (i.e., Assyria) for help and depended on horses for victory in battles (v.3), but from
now on, they would not trust man or idols.
• They acknowledged that in God the fatherless find mercy.
• True repentance always brings change.
God’s Promise of Blessing
• Hosea 14:4-6
• After hearing Israel’s repentance, God promised to heal their backsliding and love them freely (v.4).
• Their repentance turned away His anger.
• God is always moved by our sincere repentance.
• God promised to refresh them as the morning dew (v.5).
• He promised to make them grow as the lily out of the hard ground.
• He would make them grow long roots as the trees of Lebanon.
• Israel’s branches would reach far, he would be beautiful as an olive tree, he would smell sweet as the cedars and flowers
of Lebanon (v.6).
God’s Promise of Blessing
• Hosea 14:7-8
• All who dwell under the shadow of Israel’s branches would return or be renewed to strength again (v.7).
• They will revive as the grain in the warmth of spring and as the dormant vine buds in spring (v.7). Their smell will be as the
sweet grapes of Lebanon.
• Ephraim will truly turn from idols (v.8).
• God then speaks saying, “I have heard him, and observed him.”
• True repentance is never overlooked by God.
• God promised to make them fruitful.
God’s Promise of Blessing
• Hosea 14:9
• Hosea’s book has been about man’s sinful tendency to resist God, do life his own way, turn to false gods and godless
help. God passionately loves His people and pursues their rebellious hearts with chastening, with the goal of their
• Hosea closes his book with this proverb (v.9).
• He challenges his readers to seek to understand these words and to know them.
• He reminds us that the ways of the LORD are right. Those who are just (righteous) will walk in them, but transgressors (sinners) will fall by
these words.
• May this closing verse be a challenge to our hearts!
Note similes and metaphors in this chapter
• as the dew, as the lily, as tree roots in Lebanon, as the beautiful olive tree, as the smell of cedars and
flowers in Lebanon, as the grain revives in spring, as the vine sprouts in spring, as the scent of grapes of
Lebanon (v.5-7) – all describing blessings on Israel
• God described Himself like a green fir tree (v.8) – stunning in size and beauty
• The calves of our lips (v.1) – sacrifices of verbal praise
Applications for Us Today
• God’s greatest passion is like that of a father for his wayward son or as a husband for his unfaithful wife.
He desires restoration!
• When we drift away from the Lord, even a little, His heart yearns for us to return to close communion.
• When we do return with a truly repentant heart, God promises us His blessings.
• Do not forget this book nor its message!