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The Romans 8:28 Comfort

The Romans 8:28 Comfort 5 June 2022 AM – Romans 8:28 – Rom2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: I have here a needlepoint picture. As you can see, on the back, it is not a beautiful picture, but on the front, it is. This picture is a good illustration of the truth God shares with us […]

Answering Critics – Job 4-27

Answering Critics 3 April 2022 PM – Job 4-27 – Job2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: God introduced us to Job as a man who, by God’s statement, was perfect and upright, and one that feared God and eschewed evil. At Satan’s request, God allowed Satan to take away all that Job had except his wife […]

Tested Till Broken – Genesis 44

Tested Till Broken 23 January 2022 PM – Genesis 44 – Gen2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: I have never broken a wild horse, but I have read about those who have. The rider must stay on that horse, though it bucks and kicks, until he breaks its stubborn will. The horse will be of no […]

For Our Good – Genesis 42

For Our Good 9 January 2022 PM – Genesis 42 – Gen2022 – Scott Childs Introduction: Mephibosheth (2Sa 4), fell and broke his legs. He had no doctor to set them, and he was a cripple for the rest of his life. When a person breaks a leg, the doctor forces the bone back into […]

Encouragement in Distress – 1 Samuel 30:1-6

Encouragement in Distress 29 August 2021 AM – 1Samuel 30:1-6 – Burdens – Scott Childs Introduction: David had been fleeing from King Saul. He made friends with the Philistines and they gave him the town Ziklag. Six hundred men and their families resided there with David. (Archaeologists just discovered that town about six years ago). […]

Handling Trials Biblically – Genesis 22

Handling Trials Biblically 8 August 2021 PM – Genesis 22 – Gen2021 – Scott Childs Introduction: Read Genesis 22:1-14. Most trials that we face just come upon us unexpectedly. It may be the death of a loved one, an accident, a sickness, a disaster, a wayward child, a financial crisis or even a persecution. Abraham’s […]

After Jerusalem Fell – Jer 40-44

Jeremiah The Fruitless Prophet Lesson 15 – After Jerusalem Fell Jeremiah 40-44 Date: 27 January 2021 – Jer20 Dates and chronology are based largely on Used by permission. 1.         Jeremiah is freed and Gedaliah made governor (Jer 40) a.          Jeremiah, being set free by Nebuzaradan, chose to stay in Judah with Gedaliah (40:1-6), (cf., […]