31/05/2023 Wednesday
The Revelation
Study of John’s Revelation
Chapter 11
Chapter 11 – Pause Continues
 John received a measuring rod (Re 11:1-2)
 He was to measure the earthly temple of God, the altar, and the worshippers (v.1).
 The temple he is to measure is “that which will be in existence during the great tribulation. Originally
constructed for the worship of the Jews and the renewal of their ancient sacrifices, during the great tribulation.”
(Walvoord, Revelation 176)
 He was NOT to measure the court of the temple (v.2).
 The court would be given to the Gentiles.
 Gentiles would walk in it 42 months (3 ½ years) (Daniel 9:27).
Chapter 11 – Pause Continues
 God will raise up two witnesses (Re 11:3-6)
 God does not tell us who they are or whether they will witness in the first or second half of the Tribulation.
 God will enable the two witnesses (v.3)
 They will preach 1260 days (3 ½ years).
 They will wear grieving clothes of sackcloth.
 God calls them two olive trees and two lamp stands (v.4). We find similar things in Zechariah 4.
 Flames will come out of their mouths to kill enemies (v.5)
 God will give them power to cause plagues (v.6).
Chapter 11 – Pause Continues
 God allows the two witnesses to be killed (Re 11:7-10)
 They are safe until their work is complete (v.7). “God’s obedient servants are immortal until their work is done.
” Wiersbe
 The beast from the bottomless pit will kill them.*
 Their dead bodies will lie in Jerusalem for 3 ½ days (v.8).
 People worldwide will see them (v.9).
 They will not be buried.
 Worldwide celebration and gift-giving breaks out (v.10).
Chapter 11 – Pause Continues
 God will resurrect the two witnesses (Re 11:11-13).
 After being dead for 3 ½ days, they will come to life (v.11).
 They will stand up on their feet.
 All who see it will greatly fear.
 A voice will call them up to heaven (v.12).
 They will ascend up in a cloud.
 Their enemies will watch this.
 Jerusalem will be struck by a great earthquake (v.13).
 This ends the second woe (the 6th Trumpet)!
Chapter 11 – Last Trumpet
 The third woe (7th Trumpet) begins (Re 11:14-19).
 Heavenly voices announce Christ’s Kingdom (v.15).
 “The judgments that follow after the sounding of the seventh trumpet are the most intense, the most ghastly, the most remarkable
and the most numerous – both in Heaven and on earth – anywhere outlined in the Word of God.” (Oliver B. Greene)
 “The whole theme of Revelation is the purging of evil from the world so that it can become the domain of the King of kings.” (Robert L.
 The 24 elders (representing all Christians) will fall down and worship (v.16-18). How did they worshipped?
 The temple of God in heaven is opened (v.19).
Personal Application
 In this section God has given us information about things happening in the background.
 Obvious things are not all that is happening in this world. God is at work backstage.
 Witnesses are important in God’s plan. That is also true today.
 Witnesses for God will be opposed by Satan and evil men.
 Right will one day prevail. Christ will be King!
 Are you positive God has forgiven you and made you his child?
 Are you telling others about Christ while you still have time?
 Are you living a life of obedience to Christ?