7/06/2023 Wednesday
The Revelation
Study of John’s Revelation
Chapter 12
Chapter 12 – Last Trumpet
Chapter 12 – First Five Actors
 The Woman Israel (Re 12:1-2)*
 This is a GREAT wonder in heaven. She is on earth.
 Though this is actually history, it is here portrayed so that we may see how the picture all fits together.
 Her appearance with the sun and moon signifies authority. The 12 stars indicate Israel.
 Her birth pains were upon her. Her child is Christ (cf. Rev 12:5 with Rev 19:15 and Ps. 2:9).
Chapter 12 – First Five Actors
 The Red Dragon Satan (Re 12:3-4) (cf. Re 12:9)
 This is another of the same kind wonder in heaven.
 His appearance
 He is described as having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns (cf. Daniel 7:7-8, 24). The colour red depicts his character as
a murderer (cf. Revelation 6:4; John 8:44).
 McGee suggests that they represent Satan’s original perfection before his fall (McGee 988). Walvoord thinks they are seven of the ten
kingdoms represented by the ten horns (Walvoord, Revelation 189). Wiersbe’s explanation is the one I find most plausible. He claims the
heads represent mountains as in Revelation 17:9 (Wiersbe 602). The ten horns suggest the final division of the Roman Empire. The
crowns represent kingly rule.
Chapter 12 – First Five Actors
 The Red Dragon Satan (Re 12:3-4)
 His actions
 His tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, probably angels that fell with him (cf. Isaiah 14:12-14).*
 His hatred
 Satan desired to devour the Christ child as soon as He was born.
Chapter 12 – First Five Actors
 The Man Child Christ (Re 12:5-6)
 His authority: He will rule all with a rod of iron.
 His ascension. “There is obviously a tremendous time lapse between verses 5 and 6, but this is not an uncommon
occurrence in prophecy”(Walvoord, Revelation 191).
 His mother’s refuge for 1260 days (3 ½ years).* “Many Bible scholars believe this ‘place in the wilderness’ to be
the mighty, ruby-red, rock fortress of Petra.” Greene
Chapter 12 – First Five Actors
 The Michael the Archangel (Re 12:7-9)
 His position as captain of God’s angelic army (v.7)
 His foe is the Red Dragon, Satan, and his angels (v.7)
 His victory (v.8). At this time, Satan and his angels will lose access to heaven. Evidently, at present, Satan still
has access to heaven as in Job’s day.
 His power to expel Satan from heaven (v.9)
 Note Satan’s descriptions in this verse: the great dragon, that old serpent, the Devil, the deceiver (v.10, day and night accuser of the
 He and his angels are cast from heaven permanently.
Chapter 12 – First Five Actors
 There was rejoicing in Heaven (Re 12:10-12)
 A loud sound of rejoicing rings out in heaven (v.10). Satan’s ejection brings salvation, strength, the kingdom and
Christ’s power closer to hand. The accuser is cast down! Amen!
 Those accused by Satan are described (v.11). The brethren are all who overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony.
 A woe is pronounced on the earth and sea (v.12). While heaven will rejoice, WOE to the earth and sea who will
encounter Satan’s extreme wrath.
Chapter 12 – First Five Actors
 The Dragon Persecutes Israel (Re 12:13-16)
 He seeks revenge on the Woman Israel (v.13)
 The Woman Israel is protected (v.14). God will protect and nourish Israel for 3 ½ years.
 Satan tries to drown the Woman (v.15)
 The earth helps the Woman (v.16). Assuming that the wilderness is literal, then the flood may be literal water as
well. It is possible, however, that this flood is a flood of armies or a flood of persecution.
Chapter 12 – First Five Actors
 The Remnant Saved Israel (Re 12:17)
 The Remnant (lit. the rest) is sought by the angry Dragon
 The Remnant obey God. These are believers in Israel.
 The Remnant have received Jesus Christ.
Personal Application
 Satan is the fierce enemy of God’s people, even today.
 Scripture mentions three means of overcoming Satan.
 Evil with good (Romans 12:21)
 Being born of God, believe on the Son (1John 5:4-5)
 Blood of the Lamb (Revelation 12:11)
 Remember that in the end Satan will be defeated and God will be the victor!