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Bible Basics 09 – God the Son

12/01/2022 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review of God the Father Who represents God the Father to children? Their human father What is the false teaching called “Universalism”? Everyone is a child of God and will go to heaven When did God’s Father/Son relationship begin? In eternity past What does Only Begotten mean? Only one of its […]

Bible Basics 08 – God the Father

30/12/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review of God Being a Trinity The word “Trinity” is not found in the Bible, but it is used to describe the fact that God is three Persons in just one Being. Jehovah is the true, living, and everlasting God who made the earth and heavens (Gen 1:1). Jesus created all […]

Bible Basics 07 – Trinity

8/12/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review God the Divine Being Theism is the belief in the existence of a personal God who is the Creator, Preserver, and Ruler of all things. To understand fully the nature and existence of God is an impossible task for us in this life. Elmer Towns What does Romans 1:20 teach […]

Bible Basics 06 – God

1/12/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Dispensational Review GOD THE DIVINE BEING Can man know God? If so, what is God like? Introduction to Our God ▰ Theology is the name for the study of the doctrine of God. ▰ The fundamental fact of Theology is that there is a God. ▰ Theism is the belief in […]

Bible Basics 05 – Dispensations

24/11/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review of the Bible’s Preservation Original Bible manuscripts are called autographs Making copies of the original manuscripts began when? during Moses’ day We have about _______ surviving manuscripts or portions of manuscripts of the NT. The Byzantine or Majority text has the support of about ___% of the surviving manuscripts. It […]

Bible Basics 04 – The Bible’s Preservation

17/11/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review the Canonicity of the Bible Canonization has to do with determining which books deserve the designation of “Scripture” and ought to be included in the Bible. Every God-inspired Book was part of the biblical canon the moment God had it written down. God knew what He Inspired! The main criteria […]

Bible Basics 03 – The Bible’s Canonicity

10/11/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS Review Proofs of the Bible Internal Evidence: The Bible is called the Word of God, claims it came from God, and that God is its author. External Evidence: Continuity, revelations, influence, talks about the unknown and unknowable. The Bible is scientifically accurate. It is historically accurate. The Bible has endured for […]

Bible Basics 01 – Revelation & Inspiration

27/10/2021 Wednesday BIBLE BASICS INTRODUCING BIBLE BASICS The Foundation Creation reveals the existence of God, but the Bible reveals the person and mind of God. The basis of Jesus’ ministry was biblical doctrine. ▰ The Faith The source and foundation of all faith is the Bible. When we read of “the faith” it means “the […]

Fool or Wise 05 – General

21/10/2021 Fool or Wise Can you tell the difference? How do pigs and sheep differ? • They differ in skin, build, noise, likes, food, digestion, etc. • We can tell the difference between these animals, but how well can we tell the difference between a Fool and a Wise Person. • This evening we are […]